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Absolutely Chic Wallpaper Collection by Architects Paper

Modern wallpapers with animal designs

Architect Paper's wallpaper collection Absolutely Chic unites modern graphic wallpapers with animal skin wallpapers to create a unique design. Get enchanted by non-woven wallpapers that spread a fresh and modern atmosphere in your living spaces. You will not only find floral wallpapers, but also motif wallpapers and graphic wallpapers in vintage style. Furthermore this collection offers the perfect colour in wallpaper for every style preference - wallpapers in shades of grey, striking wallpapers in yellow or turquoise, all motifs shine brightly in their respective colouration and create a friendly and inviting ambiance. Five different designs of vinyl wallpapers set striking accents in every room and are suitable for a harmonious combination with single-coloured wallpapers in textile optics.