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    Dr Schutz PU cleaner for radiant and well-maintained floors  

    In the world of floor care, Dr. Schutz PU Cleaner is a real game changer. Whether you have parquet, cork or linoleum, this cleaner ensures immaculate cleanliness and protection. Find out here how to make your floors shine with products from Dr. Schutz at Fancyhometrends!

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    Dr Schutz PU Cleaner: The effective solution for your floor

    Gleaming floor coverings are a showpiece for every home. Dr Schutz offers a wide range of cleaners and care products that have been specially developed for different types of flooring, such as PVC, laminate and parquet. The quality company's PU cleaner is a real all-rounder. The advantages of the products are:

    • Versatility: the cleaners are suitable for various floor types such as parquet, linoleum and cork.
    • Effective against dirt: Dirt and stains are removed thoroughly and gently.
    • Long-lasting protection: Forms a care film that protects your floor and extends its service life.

    In addition to the classic PU cleaner, the renowned company also offers products for cork and parquet care. These are ideal for protecting and refreshing sensitive floor surfaces. They form a protective film that protects any surface from daily wear and tear. 

    PU cleaner for maintenance and full care

    A PU cleaner is a special miracle product for PU-coated and other stubborn surfaces. Dr. Schutz PU Cleaner is suitable for both full care and initial care, penetrates deep into the structure and effectively removes dirt without attacking or leaching out the surface. Ideal for the thorough cleaning and care of stubborn floor coverings. This power product is a must to maintain the longevity and appearanceofyour hard floors.

    Full care products are designed to provide floors with comprehensive protection while refreshing their appearance. They are particularly suitable for floors that are already sealed or coated. The main features of full care are:

    • Protective layer: Forms a thin, protective layer on the surface of the floor.
    • Refreshing: Gives the floor a new lustre and improves its appearance, especially on worn floor coverings. 
    • Easy application: Full care products are generally easy to apply and spread.

    Single-care products, on the other hand, are specially designed for the initial care or basic care of new or newly renovated floor coverings. Their main features include:

    • Initial treatment: Ideal for newly laid or newly renovated flooring to give it initial protection. 
    • Basic protection: Provides a basic protective film that helps to protect the floor covering from daily wear and soiling. 
    • Preparation for further care: Serves as a basis for further care measures and helps to prepare the floor for regular care with full care products. 

    Dr. Schutz PU sealers and basic cleaners for demanding floors 

    Dr. Schutz offers products such as PU Sealer, Basic Cleaner and Special Cleaner for special requirements. It removes stubborn dirt and prepares the floor for further care. The PU Sealer seals and provides long-lasting protection. Parquet and cork are popular but sensitive floor coverings. Dr. Schutz Parquet and Cork Cleaner has been specially developed for these materials and offers gentle cleaning. It removes dirt without damaging the material.

    How do I get a heavily soiled floor clean?

    With a few simple steps, your hard floor will shine again, without any harsh chemicals that could damage the floor:

    • Remove loose dirt and dust.
    • Apply Dr Schutz cleaner diluted with water.
    • Leave it to work for a short time.
    • Wipe the floor clean.
    • Enjoy the shiny result.

    Try it now and see for yourself how easy and effective Dr. Schutz cleaning is!

    Buy Dr Schutz products and more at Fancyhometrends

    Dr. Schutz, the expert for hard floors, offers specialised solutions for both daily maintenance cleaningand thorough final cleaning. The products are designed to remove stubborn dirt and at the same time protect the floor to maintain its longevity and aesthetics. Dr Schutz keeps your hard floor sparkling clean and well maintained. The cleaners are perfect for preserving the natural beauty and texture of your flooring.

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    When ordering from our online shop, take advantage of our services, such as free delivery for wallpaper within Germany, secure payment options, fast dispatch of your ordered products and our comprehensive customer service. Discover the Dr. Schutz range at Fancyhometrends now and benefit from our product quality!