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    Vectra silicate paint - the perfect choice for your home

    Vectra silicate paint is more than just an ordinary wall paint. This high-quality paint offers you a unique combination of durability and aesthetics for your walls. With Vectra Silicate Interior Paint, Vectra Powerweiss and the floor sealer, you have a versatile choice that covers all your painting needs. Whether you want to redesign your interior or protect your floor, Vectra offers you the ideal solution.

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    What makes Vectra silicate paint so special?

    As a wall paint, silicate paint is characterised by its high yield, which is why just a few litres are enough to paint a large area. Silicate paints have been rated favourably in various product tests as they are environmentally friendly and hard-wearing. Vectra silicate paint has a silicate base, which ensures excellent coverage and durability. Further advantages are:

    • Wide range of applications: Whether for indoor or outdoor use, Vectra paints offer you great flexibility in your painting.
    • Environmentally friendly and suitable for allergy sufferers: These paints are environmentally friendly and ideal for allergy sufferers.

    Vectra wall paints are also characterised by their high opacityand easy application. You can easily apply them to a wide variety of surfaces. The Vectra Powerweiss series is particularly noteworthy as it offers an excellent white intensity that makes your walls shine. Here are a few tips for perfect application:

    • Prepare the substrate: Ensure that the substrate is clean, dry and sound.
    • Use the right tools: For optimum results, use suitable brushes or rollers.
    • Work in several layers: Apply several thin coats to achieve even coverage.

    Or are you looking for optimum protection for your floors? Vectra offers you a garage floor coating, which is a high-quality solution for protecting floors subject to high mechanical or chemical stress, or a floor sealer to protect and seal indoor and sheltered outdoor floors.

    Brilliant colours and protection from all weathers 

    Vectra silicate paint is known for its immediate effect and long-term durability. With Vectra Silicate Interior Paint and Vectra Power White, your walls are protected against wear and tear for a long time. These wall paints retain their brilliance and opacity for years to come, making them an economical choice for your home. Why Vectra stands for long-lasting results:

    • Strong coverage: Vectra colours offer high opacity, effectively hiding small imperfections on walls.
    • Colour consistency: The colours do not fade and retain their bright quality over the years.

    Buy Vectra silicate paint and more at Fancyhometrends - variety and quality at fair prices 

    At Fancyhometrends you will find a large selection of Vectra paints at attractive prices. Whether you need a fresh coat of paint for your interior walls or are looking for a robust solution for outdoor use - you'll find it here. We offer Vectra silicate paints in different sizes and colours so you can find exactly what suits your style. Discover the variety of Vectra wall paints, such as:

    • Wide range of shades: choose from a variety of shades to suit any interior style.
    • Different sizes: Vectra paints are available in different litres and bucket sizes to suit any project.

    When you order from our online shop, you benefit from free delivery for wallpaper within Germany and secure payment methods. Let the quality and variety of Vectra silicate paint convince you and start your project with Fancyhometrends!