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    With Baufan to success 

    Immerse yourself in a world where every wall is brought to life with a touch of whitewash and let yourself be enchanted by the variety of colours and textures. Whether shimmering mould paint for damp rooms or abrasion-resistant emulsion paints for perfect long-term protection, we have the ideal paint solution for every surface. Order Baufan for your next renovation today! 

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    What is the best paint against mould?

    Mould is an unwelcome guest in every home. But we have the perfect solution for you - Baufan's innovative anti-mould paints. These paints are extremely effective against mould and also give your walls a fresh and radiant finish that transforms damp rooms into true oases of well-being. Here are some of the outstanding properties you can expect: 

    • Long-term protection: our mould paint offers reliable long-term protection against mould and moisture. 
    • Ideal for damp rooms: Suitable for rooms that are exposed to high levels of moisture, they offer optimum protection. 

    Transform your walls into mould-free works of art now with Baufan anti-mould paint! 

    Is lime paint or silicate paint better? 

    If you're wondering which colour is best for your walls, we're happy to help. Let's take a closer look at the two wall paints - lime paint and silicate paint

    • Baufan lime paint: an environmentally friendly, breathable paint that offers natural protection against mould and bacteria. 
    • Silicate paint: It offers excellent adhesion and is ideal for mineral substrates, but offers no natural protection against mould. 

    Find out more about the many possibilities with Baufan products and make the best choice for your home! 

    Can I paint lime paint on emulsion paint? 

    You can paint lime paint over emulsion paint. Here are some tips on how to paint lime paint over emulsion paint: 

    • Prepare the surface: Make sure the substrate is clean, dry and free of loose particles. 
    • Primer: Use a suitable primer to ensure good adhesion. 
    • Brush-on lime Application: Apply the Baufan lime paint in two thin coats to achieve an even result. 

    Discover the freedom of wall design with Baufan lime paint now! 

    Which wall paint after mould infestation? 

    After a mould infestation, it is crucial to choose the right wall paint. With Baufan, you are well equipped to effectively fight mould and give your rooms a fresh, new look. Here are our recommendations

    • Baufan mould paint: This paint offers effective long-term protection against mould and ensures a healthy indoor climate. 
    • Preparation is key: Before painting, you should thoroughly clean and prepare the affected area. 

    Protect your home now with the trustworthy Baufan wall paints! 

    Great wall paints with Baufan colours 

    We are pleased to present Baufan, a brand that stands for quality and innovation

    We're here to support you every step of the way, with our customer service team always ready to answer your questions. With us, ordering is a breeze, with various convenient payment methods at your disposal. And to complete your shopping experience, we offer fast and reliableshipping to ensure your products arrive safely and on time

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