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    Pufas - your painter brand 

    Welcome to your one-stop shop for first-class Pufas products. Our range extends from exquisite paints to convincing primers and effective cleaners. Find out how you can turn any renovation or decoration project into a masterpiece. Whether you are redesigning walls, upgrading rooms or carrying out minor repairs, Pufas has the right product for every challenge. Rely on a brand that stands for durability, uncomplicated handling and brilliant results. 

    Embark on a journey of discovery through the world of Pufas and make your projects a triumph! 

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    What range does Pufas offer?

    The Pufas range at Fancyhometrends is characterised by an enormous variety of excellent products for creative work and renovations. Here you will find some of the most popular items: 

    • High-quality fillers are the basis for smooth surfaces. With these products from Pufas, you can achieve a perfect result, whether levelling small dents or smoothing large surfaces. 
    • Products for removing mould, such as the mould spray with chlorine. This is an effective remedy against mould and fungi indoors. Ideal for damp rooms such as bathrooms, cellars or kitchens. 

    Pufas has a wide range of first-class accessories for all painting projects. 

    Convince yourself of the quality and variety of the Pufas painter brand! 

    Why buy Pufas products at Fancyhometrends? 

    Pufas stands for quality, trust and innovation. Here are some reasons why Pufas is the perfect choice for your projects: 

    • All products are easy to use
    • Pufas guarantees excellent adhesion to various substrates. 
    • You achieve professional results, regardless of your craftsmanship. The excellent materials and careful development ensure top results. 

    These are just some of the reasons in favour of Pufas. Whether putty, primer, Glutoclean cleaner or paint - you'll find it all at Fancyhometrends. 

    Explore the Pufas range and convince yourself of the brand's advantages! 

    Use Fancyhometrends for your favourite projects 

    With Pufas, you benefit from high quality, easy application and professional results. Whether it's a renovation or a creative project, Pufas offers you the best conditions for your plans. At Fancyhometrends, we offer you a wide range of Pufas and other brands, whether it's putty, cleaner or wood protection. Benefit from many advantages such as secure payment options and our expertise

    Unleash your creativity with DIY projects and achieve unique results with affordable painting products from Pufas!