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    With brushes, tassels and brushes to your dream home

    Are you looking for high-quality painting tools at unbeatable prices? Then you've come to the right place. With our paintbrushes, you can easily achieve precise and even paint applications. The high-quality bristles ensure optimum paint absorption and release. Our paste brushes are ideal for wallpapering work and ensure an even application of paste so that your wallpaper adheres perfectly to the wall. The tassels offer you a wide range of applications. Whether you want to paint wood or metal, you can achieve an even and professional result with our tassels.

    Make your next project a real success with the brushes and tassels from Fancyhometrends!

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    Which brushes do you need for painting?

    When painting walls, choosing the right brushes is crucial to achieving the desired result. Here are some important brush types you should know:

    • Flat paintbrushes are special paintbrushes in the painting supplies range that are ideal for painting large wall surfaces. With their wide bristles, they allow the paint to be applied quickly and evenly, ensuring efficient work. The flat brushes are a practical choice for painting projects where large areas need to be covered quickly.
    • If you are applying wallpaper or other materials with paste, a paste brush It has robust bristles and allows the paste to be applied evenly.
    • Round brushes are versatile and are particularly suitable for details, contours and fine lines. You can work precisely with them.
    • Flat brushes are ideal for painting or priming larger areas. They allow you to make quick progress and achieve an even result.
    • Corner brushes have an angled tip and are perfect for painting corners and edges. They also allow you to reach hard-to-reach areas.

    With the various brushes, you can realise your painting projects hand over hand.

    Buy the right paintbrush and other painting supplies for your ideas now!

    Which paint brushes are suitable for which purpose?

    Choosing the right paintbrush depends on various factors, such as the type of wall, the colour used and the desired finish. Here are some guidelines for choosing the right paintbrush for different walls:

    • For smooth walls that have already been well prepared and painted, brushes with fine bristles such as synthetic brushes made of nylon or polyester are usually suitable. Flat brushes or angled brushes are good options for such walls.
    • For textured walls with uneven or rough surfaces, brushes with slightly stiffer bristles are recommended. They help to apply colour in the recesses and grooves of the wall structure. A brush with medium to firm bristles, such as a bristle brush or a special textured brush, can be well suited here.
    • Longer brushes are generally suitable for painting ceilings so that you can work comfortably overhead. An angled brush (diagonal brush) is also helpful for painting the edge between the ceiling and wall with precision.
    • When working on exterior walls, which are often rough and uneven, robust brushes with strong bristles, such as bristle brushes or special façade brushes, can be an advantage. They make it easier to apply paint to rough surfaces.

    Before painting, remember to cover the floors with tarpaulins and painter's fleece as well as suitable adhesive tape.

    Browse our range now for paintbrushes, brushes and tassels to suit your requirements!

    Discover our range of paintbrushes, brushes and tassels

    Paintbrushes, brushes and tassels are indispensabletools for painting work. With the right selection and care, you can achieve optimum results. Remember that brush sets are a practical option to cover different requirements. At Fancyhometrends, we offer high-quality round brushes and brushes at affordable prices. Start your creative projects today and bring your ideas to life. If you have any questions or further requirements, we are always available via our contact form.

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