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Universal paint set 3-piece for painting and varnishing work

This three-piece brush set is ideal for painting and varnishing work of all kinds. The set consists of two flat brushes with a width of 30 and 50 mm, which are recommended for painting reveals and frames, as well as a 100x30 mm surface brush for large surfaces such as wood panelling or screens. The surface brush also has a practical hook so that it can be easily hung on the bucket. All brushes have mixed bristles that are firm and durable and absorb paint very well as well as distribute it evenly. Furthermore, all brushes have a plastic handle with a hole for hanging. The set is particularly suitable for working with glazes, wood preservatives, wall paint, acrylic and varnish.

  • 3-piece paint set: three brushes for painting and/or varnishing work
  • 2x flat brushes (1x 30 mm and 1x 50 mm), 1x surface brush 100 x 30 mm with practical hook
  • Mixed bristles with plastic handle with hole for hanging up
  • Firm and long-lasting bristles, very good paint absorption and even distribution
  • Particularly suitable for applying glazes, wood preservatives, wall paint, acrylic and varnish