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    Paint trays, paint buckets & scraper grids for effortless work 

    Realise your next painting project with the great painting supplies at Fancyhometrends. You'll find everything you need in our range - from sturdy paint buckets and handy paint trays to practical squeegees. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast looking to freshen up your living room or a professional painter in search of high-quality tools, we have just the thing for you. Our products are not only practical and durable, but also reasonably priced. 

    Get started now with paint buckets and tubs and experience how easy and clean painting can be! 

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    How do I use a scraper grid?

    A squeegee is an indispensable tool when it comes to painting. It helps you to remove excess paint from your brushes or paint rollers and ensures an even coat. Simply place the scraper grid in your paint bucket and wipe the brush or roller over it. And you can paint cleanly and drip-free. The wiper grid ensures that the excess paint is removed from the paint roller and that no paint drips from the roller when painting. 

    Find the right paint squeegee in our extensive range of painting supplies now! 

    How do I use a paint tray? 

    A paint tray is the best choice when working with paint rollers. It is ideal for applying paint evenly to the roller and ensures an even, clean result. The special shape of a paint tray allows the paint to stay exactly where you need it - on your roller and not on the floor. Paint tubs are also more practical than buckets as they are flatter. 

    Browse our wide range of paint tubs and find the model that suits your project! 

    How do I clean a paint tray after use? 

    Cleaning a paint tray is easy if you follow our practical tips

    • Firstly, you should remove any excesspaint residue
    • Then fill the tray with warm water and a little dish soap
    • Leave it to work for a while and then wipe off the remaining paint with a cloth. 
    • Leave the tub to dry. 

    That's it. You can use the paint trays again and again, making them environmentally friendly. You can choose the paint trays and buckets according to your desired volume. 

    Discover our durable plastic paint trays, which are particularly easy to clean! 

    Achieve consistent results with inexpensive paint trays and squeegees 

    At Fancyhometrends, you'll find a large selection of paint trays, buckets and squeegees. From sturdy plastic buckets that hold many litres of paint to handy painttubs for DIY enthusiasts - we have everything you need for your next project. 

    Order your new painting accessories now from Fancyhometrends, including tarpaulins and fleece, tapes and adhesives as well as abrasives. Benefit from secure payment methods, use our contact form to ask our experts any questions you may have and enjoy our affordable range of paint trays, buckets, squeegees and many other tools. 

    Make your next renovation a breeze with the painting supplies at Fancyhometrends!