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Flat Paint Brush Bristle for Paint and Lacquer 50 mm Radiator Brush

This flat paint brush is suited for paintings with solvent-based lacquers as well as for outdoor and indoor use. In addition, the brush is equipped with a filigrane bristle mix. Because of that, this product enables streak-free brushing, has a high absorptive capacity and provides a consistent colour distribution. The bristles are enclosed by a strong metal bracket and the wooden shaft enables a perfect handling.

Notice: Combine this product with further decorating tools, which you can also find in this online-store.

  • Product type: Flat Paint Brush
  • Application: indoor / outdoor - suited for solvent-based lacquers
  • Material: synthetic, wooden grip, metal cramp
  • Size: approx. 50mm (brush width)
  • Characteristics: fine brushes, streak-free brushing, consistent colour distribution, high absorptive capacity, suited for surface-finish, especially suited for inaccessible areas, corners, radiators, high quality mix, raised, rustproof cramp, hardwood shaft
  • Distinctions: new and original packaging, brand quality