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    Painting tools that perfectly complement your project 

    Do you dream of beautifying your world with colour? Then you've come to the right place. We offer you a great range of high-quality painting supplies that will make all your painting jobs a success - from high-quality brushes and paint rollers to professional fillers and masking tapes. Browse our extensive range of affordable and high-quality painting tools and make your next project a complete success

    Discover our range of painting tools now - for the perfect painting job. 

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    What tools does a painter and decorator need?

    A real professional painter needs more than just a brush and paint. Our range of painting tools extends from: 

    Whether you want to redesign a wall or upgrade an old piece of furniture using abrasives and spray paint, we have the right tools for you. You can protect yourself from paint splashes and other dirt with painting gloves, safety goggles and a painter's suit

    Find your new painting tools now! 

    Which painting tools do I need for painting? 

    The right job requires the right tools. To paint a wall, for example, you need: 

    • various brushes
    • a paint roller
    • a putty knife, depending on the project 

    A tip from a professional: Masking is the be-all and end-all. We can support you with high-quality adhesive tape and the right painter's fleece and masking film. Using a high-quality cutter knife, you can cut these to size if necessary and stick them down with adhesive tape. This keeps furniture and floors clean and allows you to achieve sharp colour edges. With us, you'll find quality that impresses. With our painting supplies, your project will be completed in no time at all. 

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    The must-haves and great painting tools for your projects 

    There is a wealth of painting tools that can help you with your projects. Here is a brief overview of the must-haves: 

    • The classic - paintbrushes: paintbrushes come in different sizes and shapes that are perfect for all kinds of tasks. Whether you want to paint a piece of furniture or a wall. 
    • The paint roller is a must-have for larger surfaces and makes it easier for you to apply the paint evenly. 
    • The trusty palette knife is ideal for smoothing surfaces and applying fillers. 
    • Masking tapes and films help you to protect areas that need to remain colour-free. 
    • Not forgetting paint mixing sticks, paint trays and scrapers, which are essential for clean and effective work. 

    With the right selection of tools, your next painting job will be a breeze, whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast. 

    Order your painting tools and other quality products now for great results! 

    Fancyhometrends - your partner for inexpensive painting tools 

    At Fancyhometrends we focus on:

    • quality
    • Value for money
    • Customer service

    Our experts are always on hand to advise you and answer your questions. Simply use our contact form and benefit from our expert knowledge. We also offer secure payment methods so that your shopping experience is stress-free and simple. In addition to our painting supplies, you will also find many other great products, including paints and varnishes as well as wallpaper.  

    Browse our diverse selection of painting tools and more now!