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    High-quality tarpaulins and painter's fleece for the right protection 

    Discover the world of tarpaulins and painter's fleece at Fancyhometrends. Whether you want to protect your floor, ward off unwanted paint splashes or simply ensure a clean working environment - we have exactly what you need. Our robust and non-slip films and painter's fleeces keep dirt and paint off the surface while you can concentrate fully on your renovation projects. With a selection that prioritises quality and value for money, we make it easy to find the right products. Get started with our masking films and discover how Fancyhometrends can make your renovation work easier and less stressful. 

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    Why is nonwoven covering important?

    When renovating and painting, it's important to protect your floor and furniture. This is where fleece comes into play, a must-have for every DIY enthusiast and professional. Our fleece offers robust and non-slip protection for your floors and furniture. With its absorbent surface, it keeps paint splashes and dirt at bay, while the non-slip underside ensures safety during work. You'll be on the safe side with the cover fleece from Fancyhometrends. 

    Order masking film now and stop worrying about unwanted paint splashes! 

    How do I lay out painter's fleece? 

    Laying out painter's fleece is not only child's play for the painter, but also for you. We have summarised the steps in an overview here: 

  • Start by emptying your room and then clean the surfaces thoroughly. 
  • Unroll the fleece and lay it flat on the floor or over the furniture. 
  • Make sure that all the areas you want to protect are well covered
  • You can use adhesive tape to fix the masking film in place and protect the surface. 
  • Laying out the fleece and masking film is a small step that can avoid a lot of trouble. Try out masking film and experience the difference. 

    Discover our selection of painter's fleece and find the right one for your next project. 

    How do I attach painter's fleece? 

    No special tools are normally required to attach the painter's fleece. It can simply be laid on the floor or furniture and fixed in place with masking tape if necessary. It is important that the fleece lies well and cannot slip. We have everything you need to securely attach your painter's fleece. You can also easily fix the masking film with masking tape for furniture and floors. 

    Take a look at our range and find the right accessories, masking tape and other painting tools! 

    With the right painting accessories, tarpaulins and more for your dream projects 

    Fancyhometrends offers you a wide selection of fleece and tarpaulins to protect your premises during renovation work. With secure payment methods and our helpful contact form, we're here to help. Thanks to our expert knowledge, you can be sure that you will find the best products for your requirements. Our affordable range and variety of other tools make us your online shop for painting accessories. You'll also find wallpapering accessories, paintbrushes as well as paint trays and squeegees at great prices. Let's make your next project a success together. With Fancyhometrends, you can count on quality and customer satisfaction

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