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Wallpaper Remover Concentrate strong 1L Pufas
Wallpaper Remover Concentrate strong 1L Pufas
Wallpaper Remover Concentrate strong 1L Pufas 1

Wallpaper Remover Concentrate strong 1L Pufas

  • Item number: 13463700
  • Manufacturer: PUFAS Werk KG
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Pufas wallpaper remover concentrate with strong dissolving power 1L

Pufas Wallpaper Remover is a concentrate with high dissolving power for removing paper, textile and vinyl wallpapers as well as woodchip. The concentrate softens the wallpaper quickly and contains biodegradable surfactants.


First dilute the concentrate accordingly. To remove uncoated wallpaper, dilute 250 ml of concentrate with 15 l of water. For vinyl or coated wallpapers, dilute 250 ml concentrate with 8 - 10 l water. Cover surfaces not to be treated (floors, doors, furniture) beforehand. Apply the concentrate-water solution generously to the wallpaper with a ceiling brush. After soaking, the wallpaper can be easily removed. For wallpapers that are difficult to remove, apply the solution two to three times wet-on-wet. Roughen waterproof, washable wallpapers with a spiked roller or coarse sandpaper beforehand. Clean tools with water after use. Residues of the wallpaper stripper can be easily removed with water.


Approx. 2.5 ml/m² (250 ml wallpaper remover for 50 - 100 m², depending on dilution and consumption) | sufficient for an area of approx. 400 m².

  • Wallpaper remover concentrate from Pufas
  • Quickly removes paper, textile and vinyl wallpapers as well as woodchip wallpaper
  • Contents: 1 L (sufficient for approx. 400 m²)
  • Area of application: indoors
  • Properties: strong dissolving power, softens wallpaper quickly, contains biodegradable surfactants, pH value 7-8, high yield

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