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Baufan stable paint white lime 5L antibacterial
Baufan stable paint white lime 5L antibacterial
Baufan stable paint white lime 5L antibacterial 1

Baufan stable paint white lime 5L antibacterial

  • Item number: 103241
  • Manufacturer: Baufan
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Baufan stable paint in 5 L container for all animal stables

Baufan stable paint is an environmentally friendly, purely mineral paint based on white lime hydrate. A glazed coating ensures a healthy indoor climate in all stables or other indoor spaces. After drying, the result is a wipe-resistant surface characterised by a high degree of whiteness and very good breathability. Due to its alkalinity, the paint also has a high antibacterial and anti-mould activity. The substrate must be dry, clean, load-bearing and free of dust and grease. Remove loose material such as poorly adhering paints from the substrate. Pre-treat highly absorbent, sanding and chalking substrates with baufan® Silikat-Fixativ. Stir well before use and apply with roller, brush, paint brush or suitable spray equipment. As a rule, one undiluted coat is sufficient. If necessary, a second coat can be applied after drying. Clean tools immediately after use with clean water.

  • Baufan stable paint 5L container
  • natural white lime for all animal stables, antibacterial, moisture regulating, mite-, fungus- and mould-resistant.
  • Drying time: approx. 5 hours (+20 °C, 65% rel. humidity, moderately absorbent substrate); in unfavourable conditions correspondingly longer drying time
  • Consumption per coat Smooth surfaces/fine plaster grain → from 150 ml/m².
  • Tinting Up to max. 4% with universal tinting concentrates (LW-Oxyd types)


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