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    Paint stripper & thinner: The secret weapon for flawless surfaces 

    We have paint strippers and thinners that are practical helpers for your next DIY project. Our high-quality paint strippers are a real secret weapon when it comes to effortlessly removing paint and varnishfrom metal, wood and other surfaces. With our wide range of paint strippers and thinners, you can easily remove old paint and look forward to flawless results. Discover paint strippers and thinners now! 

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    What can I use thinners for with paints?

    Our high-quality thinners are versatile and can help you in various situations. You can use them to thin varnishes, giving them an excellent gloss and flow after drying. Thinners are also ideal for removing paint or varnish residue from brushes and tools after use, so that they last longer and continue to deliver first-class results. With the right thinner, you can achieve professional results in your painting work!

    Discover our high-quality thinners and make painting surfaces easier! 

    The advantages of high-quality thinners 

    Thinners offer a variety of advantages when applying paints and varnishes. When applying acrylic paints, for example, the addition of thinners can help to optimise the consistency of the paint and apply an even coat. The thinner makes the paint easier to work with and prevents lumps or uneven application. Another advantage of thinners is their cleaning function - they help to clean brushes and tools more easily after application. The desired results can be achieved with just a few litres of water and a few hours drying time, so the use of thinners plays an important role in painting and filling work.

    Is stripping or sanding better? 

    This is a question that concerns many DIY enthusiasts when it comes to removing old layers of paint. In most cases, we recommend stripping as the more effective method. Paint strippers are specially developed products that effortlessly remove paint and varnish from surfaces such as: 

    • Metal, 
    • wood and 
    • and more. 

    This means less effort and less stress on your tools compared to laborious sanding. Paint strippers can also be used on stubborn layers of varnish and emulsion paints. The application time varies depending on the product, but it usually doesn't take long before you can easily remove the old paint. 

    Discover our highly effective paint strippers and make removing paint from various surfaces easier! 

    How long do I need to leave the paint stripper to work? 

    The exposure time of the paint stripper depends on various factors, such as 

    • the type of paint stripper, 
    • the thickness of the paint or colour layer and 
    • the nature of the substrate. 
    • As a rule, we recommend following the instructions on the product exactly to achieve the best results. The reaction time for many of our paint strippers is around 15 to 30 minutes. During this time, the paint stripper will begin to dissolve the paint or varnish layer, making it easier for you to remove. However, it is important not to leave the paint stripper on the surface for too long, otherwise it may dry out. 

    Order your paint stripper for wood, metal and other surfaces today! 

    Buy paint strippers for wood, metal and other surfaces at Fancyhometrends

    For effortless paint removal with paint strippers or high-quality thinners, you need the right products in first-class quality. At Fancyhometrends you will find high-quality paint strippers and thinners for all renovation projects.

    We also offer outstanding customer service, fast shipping and secure payment methods to make your purchase as convenient as possible. Visit us today and discover the world of paint strippers and thinners from Fancyhometrends!