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    Spray paint and spray lacquer: creativity made easy 

    Are you bored with your furniture or would you like to change the color of a room? With these practical products, you can give free rein to your creativity and give your objects a new look. Whether plastic, metal or wood - with spray paint you can achieve an even surface and let your favorite pieces shine in impressive colors. Whether it's a DIY project or simply a quick solution for refurbishing your old furniture, spray cans from Belton or Wilckens are always a good choice. 

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    How do you paint properly with a spray can?

    When it comes to painting with a spray can, a few simple steps are all you need to achieve a professional result. Here are some tips for the spray can: 

    • Before you start painting, make sure the surface is clean, dry and free of dust and grease. 
    • We recommend that you try out the spray paint on a small area or a test object beforehand. 
    • Before using the sprays, you should shake them well to ensure that the paint is applied evenly. 
    • Spray in short and even movements to achieve a perfect finish. 
    • Make sure to keep the spray head at a distance of around 30 cm from the surface to achieve the best possible result. 

    Painting with a spray can is a simple and effective method of giving your items a new coat of paint or rust-free priming. Is the spray can too cumbersome for you? Then try lacquer and paint colors for your paint jobs instead. 

    Buy your spray paint today to get started on your DIY projects! 

    What do you need to consider with spray paint? 

    Before you start, a few tips are useful to get the best results. Here are some things to keep in mind when applying spray paint: 

    • For plasticsurfaces, you should use a special plastic primer before continuing with the spray paint. This primer ensures that the paint adheres well to the plastic. 
    • If you are spraying on wood or metal, it is advisable to sand the surface. This ensures that the paint adheres and a smooth finish is achieved. 
    • The dryingtime of spray paint varies depending on the type of paint and the ambient temperature. We recommend that you wait at least one day before using the painted object again. 

    If you follow these instructions, you will achieve stunning results and make furniture look like new. By the way, we have special wood paint to make wood shine again. 

    Order your spray paint now and renew your items with fresh colors! 

    Where can you spray paint? 

    It is important to ensure that you choose a suitable environment when spraying paint to avoid health risks and undesirable consequences. Therefore, please pay attention to the following points when using the spray: 

    • Never spray in a closed room or in a place with limited ventilation. This will prevent you from inhaling harmful vapors. 
    • Make sure you wear safety goggles and gloves to protect yourself from spray mist and the chemical components of the paint. 
    • Painting outdoors should be done on a windless day to avoid spray mist on neighboring surfaces. 

    Your health always comes first. Therefore, please observe the warnings and instructions for use on the respective spray bottle. 

    Unleash your creativity with matt spray paints and bright colors! 

    Spray paints in matt, glossy and other exciting looks 

    Spray paint and spray varnish are great options for breathing new life into your items or applying a necessary primer. They are easy to use and offer paint finishes in a variety of colors and surfaces. If you're looking for high-quality spray cans and spray paint at great prices, Cheap Luxury is the place for you. Discover our top brands such as Belton, which are guaranteed to help you with all your projects. 

    Also discover our wall paints and emulsions to transform your interiors and discover your benefits with us, including international shipping, secure payment and expert knowledge from our team

    Transform your old items into real gems with spray paints and paint sprays!