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Professional wallpapering set 4-piece wallpapering tools
Professional wallpapering set 4-piece wallpapering tools
Professional wallpapering set 4-piece wallpapering tools 1

Professional wallpapering set 4-piece wallpapering tools

  • Item number: ProfiTapezierset
  • Manufacturer: Color Expert
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Professional wallpapering set 4 pieces

This set contains four practical helpers for easier wallpapering. The professional wallpapering set consists of a paste roller, a wallpaper roller, a wallpaper roller for seams and a cutter knife. The set is ideal for pasting non-woven wallpaper.

Paste roller

The 18 cm wide paste roller is highly absorbent and suitable for spreading paste on smooth as well as slightly textured walls. The polyester cover absorbs a large amount of paste and distributes it evenly on the wall. The 8 mm thick metal handle provides sufficient stability. The plastic handle makes the paint roller comfortable to hold and ensures a high level of working comfort.

Wallpaper roller PU foam 15cm

With this wallpaper roller you can quickly and easily remove bubbles and wrinkles that occur when wallpapering. The 15 cm roller is made of soft PU foam and can be used especially for wallpapers with sensitive surfaces. The approx. 6 mm thick metal bracket provides sufficient stability and is enclosed by a plastic handle. This ensures a high level of working comfort.

Wallpaper pressure roller seam roller PU foam 4 cm

The 4 cm pressure roller can be used to stabilise the seams of wallpapers with delicate surfaces. Smaller wallpapering defects, such as wrinkles and bubbles, can also be easily corrected with the soft PU foam roller. Sufficient stability is provided by the metal handle, which is enclosed by a plastic grip and thus guarantees a high level of working comfort.

Cutter knife Carpet knife Professional knife 18mm

The high-quality metal casing of the cutter knife guarantees safe and easy use. The integrated blade lock prevents the 18 mm cutter blade from being retracted unintentionally. The scope of delivery includes a knife blade that can be replaced if necessary.

  • Professional wallpapering set - 1 x paste roll, 1 x press roll, 1 x seam roll + 1 x cutter knife
  • Paste roller - approx. 8 mm handle, 18 cm roller width, 47 mm roller diameter, paste roller with handle, plastic handle, metal handle, polyester cover
  • Wallpaper pressure roller - approx. 15 cm large roller, 6 mm metal bracket, handle, soft foam roller
  • Pressure roller seam roller - approx. 4 cm roller, 6mm metal handle, stirrup grip, soft foam roller
  • Cutter knife - approx. 18mm demolition blade, incl. one blade, high quality cast metal, with blade lock, with metal guide