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    Martinique non-woven wallpaper collection from Erismann

    Let yourself be seduced by the wallpapers in the "Play of Light" collection and discover majestic designs that become a highlight in any room thanks to their light shades and sophisticated colour gradients. The sophisticated designs tell breathtaking stories on your wall and invite you to linger. Discover the entire Erismann collection in our shop now!

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    Extraordinary designs full of elegance

    Majestic peacocks, delicate elderflowers and lush foliage conjure up a magical aura in your four walls. With a touch of exoticism and eccentric elegance, the non-woven wallpapers in the Play of Light collection create an extravagant living style. The sophisticated light reflections that characterise the designs in this collection are particularly striking. Combined with plain wallpapers in matching colours, you can create a modern aesthetic in your home.