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    Erismann Instawalls: where design meets innovation

    Instawalls combine aesthetics and quality in a spectacular way. Here at Fancyhometrends, we introduce you to the exclusive Instawalls non-woven wallpaper collection from Erismann, a real highlight for anyone who wants to bring their home to life with extraordinary designs. Our non-woven wallpapers are more than just wallcoverings; they are an expression of your personality and style. This collection includes a variety of patterns ranging from subtle to bold, so there's something for everyone. Order your Erismann wallpaper today and give your walls a distinctive character!

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    Erismann Instawalls: A journey through the world of patterns and colours

    Trendsetter Erismann has once again succeeded in creating a wallpaper line with the Instawalls collection that perfectly combines modern design and inspiring themed worlds. Let yourself be inspired by the impressive motifs and colours you will find here:

    • Nature motifs in soft pastel shades,
    • lively, colourful animal motifs,
    • retro chic with luxurious graphic designs or
    • stylish plain-coloured wallpaper variants.

    Embark on a journey through relaxed Scandinavia with Instawalls, where natural colour tones meet branch and tree patterns in a weightless harmony. The Instawalls collection is characterised by its unique motifs that enrich any environment. Order stylish Instawalls wallpaper online now!

    Tradition meets modernity: the Erismann brand

    Since 1838, Erismann & Cie. GmbH has been shaping the world of wallpapers with an unrivalled flair for design and quality. As one of the most traditional companies in the industry, Erismann combines over 185 years of experience with the freshness and creativity of an international team of designers. The results are visionary products that enjoy worldwide recognition and are designed according to the latest design and colour trends. Erismann stands for tradition and innovation, a combination that is expressed in every single wallpaper. The brand uses non-woven as the basis for many of its wallpaper collections to ensure the highest quality and ease of application. Be inspired by Erismann's many years of experience and creative spirit and choose Erismann wallpapers that set trends!

    Simple application, maximum effect: non-woven wallpapers and their paste

    Non-woven wallpapers from Erismann are a visual delight and also incredibly practical to use. The matching wallpaper paste can be applied directly to the wall, making the renovation of your rooms an uncomplicated and quick project. Applying non-woven wallpaper is incredibly easy thanks to the direct application of paste to the wall, saving you a lot of time and effort. This feature makes Erismann non-woven wallpapers an ideal choice for quick and effective room designs. Browse through our selection and find the non-woven wallpaper that will make your walls and your entire renovation project shine!

    Why order Erismann Instawalls online at Fancyhometrends?

    Be inspired now by the unique world of Erismann Instawalls non-woven wallpaper and find the design that captures your heart. With just a few clicks, you can completely redesign the atmosphere of your rooms. You benefit from every aspect of your order:  

    • Free shipping for wallpapers within Germany: We ensure that your new favourite wallpapers are delivered directly to your home at no extra cost.
    • Diverse range: In addition to Erismann, you will find many other wallpaper brands with the latest collections.
    • Expert customer service: Our team is always available via the contact form to help you choose the perfect wallpaper.

    Discover the variety, order today and experience how easy it can be to give your home a fresh coat of elegance and style with new wallpaper collections!