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    Discover the world of Erismann Novara: where style meets quality

    The Novara collection from Erismann, presented by Fancyhometrends - where trendy designs meet first-class quality and affordable prices. Each roll of wallpaper from this collection is a work of art waiting to transform your rooms and give them a touch of elegance and freshness. Enter a sea of colour and pattern, where each non-woven wallpaper is more than just a wallcovering - it's an expression of your personality and style. Order the trendy Novara wallpaper online now!

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    Why choose Erismann Novara for your walls?

    The Novara collection from the manufacturer Erismann stands for harmony and playfulness in perfection. With a palette of vibrant plain colours, from intense pink to bright orange and vibrant turquoise, these wallpapers create spectacular accents in any room. Graphic and floral patterns, embellished with circles and triangles, offer endless possibilities for creating a personalised feel-good ambience. Each pattern, be it the playful lines or the elegant circles, is a tribute to the creative freedom that Erismann weaves into every roll of non-woven wallpaper. Whether bold and colourful or elegant and restrained - the Novara collection will wrap your walls in a robe full of whimsy and joie de vivre. Order a wide range of Novara wallpapers now!

    The outstanding properties of non-woven wallpapers

    Erismann Novara non-woven wallpapers combine beauty with functionality. They are:

    • Highly wash-resistant: For rooms that live.
    • Good lightfastness: Colours remain radiant, even when the sun is shining.
    • Easy to apply: Apply non-woven paste directly to the wall, position the wallpaper and enjoy.
    • Many seamless models: perfect patterns, no headaches.
    • FSC-certified: A sign of our commitment to sustainability and quality.

    What's more, these wallpapers are completely dry removable, making them ideal for rented flats or frequent remodelling. Feel the quality with textured surfaces that make every touch an experience. Transform your rooms with Erismann Novara and bring a breath of fresh air into your home with trendy wallpapers!

    Textured wallpaper surfaces to feel

    Of course, wallpaper is all about how it looks. But how they feel is also important. The Novara collection offers textured surfaces that transform every wall into a sensory experience. Touch and feel the quality that every non-woven wallpaper in this collection has to offer. Nothing says quality more than the ability to see and feel excellence. The plain colours and textured surfaces of the non-woven wallpapers from the Novara collection invite you to see wall design as a visual and holistic experience. Experience the feel of the Novara collection and let your walls speak with new designs!

    What benefits you can count on at Fancyhometrends

    At Fancyhometrends, you can choose from the fascinating wallpapers in the Erismann Novara collection and more:

    • Other exclusive collections from Erismann, such as Casual Chic or Versailles, are waiting to be discovered by you.
    • Free shipping on all wallpaper orders and many other products because we believe that beauty should be accessible.
    • Various payment options to make your purchase as convenient as possible.

    Discover the Erismann Novara collection now at Fancyhometrends and transform your rooms into places full of style, comfort and personality. Browse through our collections, find your perfect wallpaper and start your next interior design project with us!