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    Carpet runners: from the hallway to the bedroom 

    From soft footsteps in the hallway to a cosy feeling underfoot in the kitchen - our carpet runners transform any room. With a wide range of colours and materials, our runners offer you the opportunity to transform the entrance area,bedroom and other rooms in your home into individual works of art. Whether you want to add an accent, give your living area a personal touch or add an extra dose of cosiness to your bedroom - at Fancyometrends you will find the perfect runner to fulfil all your wishes. 

    Discover the variety of carpet runners now and let your rooms shine! 

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    What is a carpet runner?

    A carpet runner is far more than just a simple carpet. It is the insider tip for setting special accents and brings 

    • colour, 
    • style and 
    • cosiness to your home. 

    Made from high-quality materials, runners invite you to stretch out your feet on them and relax. Whether in the entrance area or in the bedroom - a runner always sets the right accent. From modern to traditional styles, our selection will impress you. And the best thing? Every carpet runner is as individual as you are. 

    Discover your next carpet runner in different colours now! 

    In which rooms is a carpet runner suitable? 

    Carpet runners are real all-rounders. From the kitchen to the hallway, the colourful designs and high-quality materials make the runners a real eye-catcher. They are not only practical, but also make a statement for your individual style. 

    • Hallway: first impressions count. With a runner in the entrance area, you can give your hallway an inviting and warm atmosphere. 
    • Kitchen: A runner can transform the kitchen into a cosy and stylish space. It also protects against water splashes and crumbs. 
    • Bedroom: A carpet runner next to your bed ensures cosy feet in the morning. Start the day softly and comfortably. 
    • Living area: Set accents and skilfully divide larger rooms with a matching runner. 

    We have a colourful selection of children's rugs for the little explorers among us. These are not only soft and comfortable, but also come in vibrant colours and great designs. And for the grown-ups? Our rugs, whether high pile or short pile, create the right ambience in any living area. Each rug brings its own character to your home. 

    Get the right carpet runner now!

    What kind of carpet is suitable for the hallway? 

    Your hallway is the entrance to your realm and should impress accordingly. We recommend the following for the hallway: 

    • Short-pile carpet runners: They are easy to clean and can withstand everyday footfall. 
    • Darker colours: They hide small stains and make the room appear elegant. 
    • Robust materials: To ensure your runner is as durable as it is stylish. 

    A good carpet runner adds a touch of luxury to the entrance area. It is the first thing guests see and should therefore be chosen carefully. Also discover our doormats and dirt-trapping runners to keep your entrance area clean and dry

    Give your hallway that certain something now with the great carpet runners at Fancyhometrends!

    Carpet runners: your key to a stylish home 

    With us, you get affordable items and the highest quality. And if you have any questions, our friendly customer service team is always ready to help. Our passion? Your satisfaction. We focus on quality and style to give you the best shopping experience. Our selection of rugs and runners ensures you'll find exactly what you're looking for. With us, your home will become a true luxury paradise

    Shop Fancyometrends rugs and more now and make your dream home come true!