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Runners in various colours and dimensions

Most of us know carpet tiles from the office at work. However, carpet tiles are also becoming increasingly popular in private homes because of their special durability and easy installation. However, in order to prevent the charm of yawning offices at home from being combined with the square floor covering, carpet tile manufacturers are placing increasing emphasis on an attractive design, a high level of comfort and high-quality workmanship. Reason enough to take a closer look at the alternative floor covering.

Carpet tiles are textile coverings that are either laid loosely or glued firmly to the floor. They offer a high degree of flexibility, as they can be quickly and easily processed indoors and enrich rooms with a high level of living comfort. Carpet tiles combine the many advantages of carpet with those of an individually adaptable modular system. Depending on personal taste, the tiles can be combined with different colour and pattern variations at any time and can be replaced if necessary. This allows for an individual floor design in the living area. An optical difference to normal carpets is hardly or not at all recognizable, because the upper material is mostly made of the same material as the carpets.

Once the advantages of carpet tiles have been recognised, all that remains to be done is to clarify which type of practical floor covering you would like to use. On the one hand, a distinction can be made between the shape and size and on the other hand, the type of flooring that can be laid.


In our assortment we offer different variations of the carpet tile. First there are carpet tiles self-adhesive and carpet tiles self-lying. These differ in that the processing is different and with self-lying tiles no residues are left on the floor. Likewise, self-laying wallpaper can be laid easily and simply and thus constantly replaced. Self-adhesive carpet tiles have the advantage that they are non-slip and offer a strong hold on floors. To lay the carpet tiles, simply remove the protective foil and press the tile evenly against the floor.


There are also still differences between carpet tiles and carpet floorboards. Carpet tiles are characterized by a square shape, while carpet planks have a rectangular plank shape.