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    Sheepskin rug - a touch of luxury for your home

    For a unique and cosy accent, sheepskin rugs as faux furs are a beautiful eye-catcher in any room. They radiate a cosy comfort. Whether in the bedroom, living room or as a cosy bed rug - with a sheepskin rug, you can bring a special feeling of well-being into your home. Find out more about the properties of sheepskin rugs and how to find the perfect faux fur rug at Fancyhometrends!

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    The variety of sheepskin rugs at Fancyhometrends

    Our sheepskin rugs are available in different colours and sizes, so you can find exactly the rug that suits your style. The fluffy furs can be used in the bedroom, in bed or as a seat pad, increasing the feel-good factor in your home. Our faux furs are particularly soft and antistatic. They are suitable for underfloor heating as well as parquet and laminate flooring. In addition, the fur rug is also suitable for children as an insert in the pram. The high-quality workmanship ensures that the imitation sheepskin retains its high-quality look and soft feel even when subjected to heavy use. Our faux fur rugs offer the following properties:

    • Quality: High-quality imitation fur.
    • Variety: Various colours and sizes available.
    • Comfort: Exceptionally soft and warm.
    • Versatility: Ideal as a rug or bed mat.
    • Durability: Faux fur is often more resistant to wear and tear and is less likely to fade, making it a durable décor option.
    • Allergy-friendly: Faux fur is often hypoallergenic and therefore more suitable for people with allergies to animal dander. 
    • Animal welfare: Faux fur offers an animal-friendly alternative as no animals are used in its production.

    Sheepskin rugs are the perfect addition to your bedroom or living area to create a feeling of warmth and cosiness. Our sheepskin rugs are also extremely easy to care for and the quality of the imitation lambskin guarantees a long service life and robustness against everyday wear and tear.

    Simple tips for caring for faux fur rugs 

    The colour of our sheepskin rugs varies from natural tones to modern colour schemes, so there is something for every taste and furnishing style. The size of the faux fur rugs is chosen to fit into any room size, whether as a small accent or as the centrepiece of the room. Sheep provide high-quality fur, which results in a soft material. Faux fur rugs offer the advantage of mimicking fur texture but are machine washable. Here are some steps for proper care:

    • Shake out regularly: Shake out your faux fur rug regularly to remove dust and loose dirt particles. 
    • Vacuum cleaning: Use a hoover with a soft brush to gently vacuum the carpet. Make sure that you do not damage the fibres.
    • Stain removal: You should act quickly to remove stains. Blot up liquids with a clean, dry cloth and use a mild soap solution if necessary. Avoid rubbing as this can damage the fibres.
    • Machine wash or hand wash: Many faux fur rugs are machine washable. However, be sure to read the care instructions before putting your rug in the washing machine. Use a gentle programme, such as a gentle wool programme and cold water, to protect the faux fur. Reduce the spin speed or skip the spin cycle to protect the delicate material. Alternatively, you can choose to hand wash in the sink or bathtub. Add a suitable wool detergent and clean gently.
    • Air-drying: Faux fur rugs should be air-dried. Avoid drying in direct sunlight or near heat sources as this can damage the fibres. 
    • Brushing: After drying, the fur can be gently fluffed with a soft brush or comb to restore its original shape and softness.
    • Avoid heat and harsh chemicals: Do not expose faux fur rugs to high heat or harsh chemicals as this can damage the fibres.

    By following these care tips, you can ensure that your faux fur rug stays beautiful and fluffy for a long time.

    Buy sheepskin rugs and more at Fancyhometrends

    At Fancyhometrends you will find an extensive selection of sheepskin rugs as faux fur and a variety of other products that will transform your home into an oasis of cosiness, such as:

    Benefit from many advantages when ordering online, such as the durable and robust quality of our products, free shippingfor wallpaper and secure payment terms. If you have any questions, contact our dedicated customer service team and turn your home into the perfect place to feel good! Order cosy sheepskins and more now at Fancyhometrends!