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    Make your world cosy with a long-pile rug 

    Do you dream of a home that shines with ultimate comfort and unrivalled cosiness? Then we have just the thing for you at Fancyhometrends: our fluffy long-pile carpets. These shaggy rugs are softer, cosier and more luxurious than ever before. With their impressive 3 to 5 cm pile height, they pamper your feet with every touch. Available in a wide range of colours, shaggy rugs bring comfort and style to any room. 

    Be inspired by the unique softness and exceptional comfort of our long pile rugs and transform your home into a true oasis of well-being! 

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    What is a high-pile carpet?

    A deep pile carpet, often referred to as a shaggy carpet, is known for its long, soft fibres that create a super cosy feel. It is the ultimate friend to your feet and adds a touch of luxury to any room. Whether in the 

    • living room, 
    • bedroom or 
    • children's room - 

    High-pile carpets are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to combine comfort and style. Shaggy rugs are also a visual highlight and can add a personalised touch to your home. From subtle to extravagant, we have a variety of designs and colours to choose from. 

    Be surprised by the unique variety of our deep pile carpets! 

    What is the difference between high pile and long pile? 

    While both types create a particularly fluffy feeling thanks to their long carpet fibres, the difference lies in the pile height

    • High-pile carpets usually have a pile height of 1.5 to 3 cm
    • while long-pile carpets with their luxurious 3 to 5 cm high pile provide extra softness. 

    Regardless of whether you opt for high pile or long pile - you can achieve incredible cosiness with either pile. From cosy and soft to heavenly fluffy, our rugs are available in different sizes to give your home that certain something. 

    Pamper your feet with the soft cosiness of our long pile carpets and feel the difference! 

    What is the difference between short pile and high pile? 

    The difference between short pile and high pile also lies in the pile height: while 

    • short-pile carpets are flatter and less fluffy
    • high-pile carpets offer a thicker and softer feel. 

    So, if you are looking for maximum cosiness, then a high-pile carpet is just the thing for you. Shaggy rugs bring a touch of luxury and comfort to any room with their high pile. And thanks to our diverse selection of sizes and colours, you're guaranteed to find the perfect high-pile rug to complement your interior perfectly. 

    Discover the ultimate living experience with our long pile carpets now! 

    In which rooms can I use a high-pile carpet? 

    High-pile carpets are the perfect choice for any living space in your home: 

    • In the living room, they provide extra cosiness, 
    • in the bedroom they invite you to walk barefoot and 
    • in the children's room, they provide a soft surface to play on. 

    Thanks to their high pile and fluffy fibres, they offer comfort and warmth wherever you place them. What's more, shaggy rugs are available in a variety of colours and sizes, so you can find the ideal rug for any room. 

    Give your home the luxury it deserves with our deep pile rugs! 

    Cheers to the long-pile carpet 

    Discover the unrivalled cosiness and elegance of our long pile carpets at Fancyhometrends. With their impressive pile height of 3 to 5 cm, they are incredibly cosy and soft. Thanks to their variety of colours, they are the perfect match for any interior style and create unique accents in any room. Also discover our colourful and fluffy children's rugs and our versatile rug runners. At Fancyhometrends, we focus on the highest quality products and first-class customer service. Our affordable items are 

    • durable and 
    • stylish
    • without compromising on quality

    Let us help you transform your home into an oasis. 

    Discover the luxury under your feet with long pile carpets from Fancyhometrends!