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    Luigi Colani wallpaper - graphic wallpapers with 3D effects

    The wallpaper decors by world-famous designer Luigi Colani impress with graphic motifs that are highly dynamic. Timeless and pleasant colour tones are combined with gold and silver-coloured lines and textures. In his designs, Colani pursues the combination of natural forms with modern design. These mostly include abstract patterns and motifs that have one thing in common: They convey a calm atmosphere and look very elegant. Discover the expressive wallpaper collections by the well-known designer in collaboration with Tapetenfabrik Marburg Tapeten on Fancyhometrends!

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    Luigi Colani wallpapers - dynamic shapes as eye-catchers

    As a wallpaper manufacturer, Marburg Tapeten sells various collections by the internationally renowned designer. Colani has created a range of wallpaper designs that imitate the natural shapes and colours of nature. These wallpapers are very popular with anyone who wants to create a natural and relaxing room ambience. They are primarily characterised by the design language of bionics, such as 

    • organically flowing lines
    • matt-gloss effects
    • natural colour tones.

    Colani's interest in the interplay between nature and technology (bionics) is reflected in his numerous digital print wallpapers. Here he uses various motifs, such as:

    • a helix with a carbon look, which overlays curved bands 
    • a wave with different contours
    • vertical patterns with a strong three-dimensionality

    Luigi Colani was known as a bionic fashion designer. He read a lot about biology and anatomy and was always looking for the perfect balance in his designs. Colani was also a visionary who foresaw the future. He designed aeroplanes, spaceships and even cars that were to be manufactured in the future. Many of his ideas were later actually realised - sometimes in a modified form, sometimes completely newly developed.

    Colani's bionic-inspired wallpaper designs are ideal for anyone who wants to give their room a special flair. They create the perfect compromise between modern and natural design and give every room a stylish and pleasant finish.

    Buy Luigi Colani wallpapers and more at Fancyhometrends

    The designer wallpapers from Luigi Colani are an excellent choice in many ways. Do you want to conjure up a touch of sophisticated extravagance in your rooms? Then choose sophisticated wallpaper designs by Luigi Colani in great natural tones to renovate your living space. 

    Are you still unsure which motif best suits your interior? Then order individual wallpaper samples of your favourites in advance. Take advantage of numerous benefits when ordering from our online shop, such as:

    • a comprehensive wallpaper guide with numerous tips on renovating
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    • international shipping

    Do you have questions about our products or renovation? Then take a look at our FAQ & help section or contact our customer support team. You can also discover various accessories such as top-quality paste for easy application of your wall decorations. Beautify your home and order your dream wallpaper from one of Europes leading wallpaper retailers at Fancyhometrends!