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    Wallpaper Collection Kids & Teens by Rasch Wallpapers

    Diverse children wallpapers and teen wallpapers for modern bedrooms

    Non-woven wallpapers Kids&Teens by Rasch bring a playful but inviting atmosphere to your child's bedroom. Children's rooms are not only meant for retreat to feel snug and secure, but also to show off personal interests and preferences. These divers non-woven wallpapers inspire to age-appropriate learning and play environments. Set your child's fantasy free to venture and experience adventures. You will find various single-coloured wallpapers to match motif wallpapers at all levels of age: cute forest scenes with bears and tipis, construction wallpapers with heavy duty vehicles and excavators, tractor wallpapers for little farmers, cloud wallpapers for dreamers, wallpapers with urban scenes to be painted by your little ones, map wallpapers to explore the world, cute cartoon animals, dinosaur wallpapers, space wallpapers for astronauts in training or cool graffiti wallpapers with street art character. This wallpaper collection offers many possibilities to express personality and attitude.