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    Non-woven wallpapers of the collection "Daphne" by Novamur

    Graphic and floral designs with matt-gloss effects 

    Fancy and beautiful modern wall designs? We have just the right thing for you! Whether symmetrical or asymmetrical - the graphic designs of the "Daphne" collection by Novamur have a lot to offer. The concise structures and inspiring designs not only offer new possibilities for interpretation, but also ensure a pleasant haptic experience. With the geometric shapes and stripes you not only set strikingly pretty accents in the living and working rooms, but also in the less frequently used rooms. Passage rooms, storage rooms and entrance areas are given a completely new look with these high-quality non-woven wallpapers. This is due to the matt-gloss effects and glitter particles that have been lovingly incorporated into the design.

    Expressive, graphic patterns in unobtrusive green, blue, beige and greige tones inspired by the flora lend purist living styles a personal flair. In addition, the graphic motifs can be wonderfully combined with the floral designs of the collection, which loosen up and round off the overall picture.

    Beautiful single-colour combination wallpapers with and without glitter particles have fine or coarser textures and provide a modern wall covering and convince with an unusual surface structure.

    Convince yourself of the unique textures and gloss effects of this collection and have a sample delivered to your home.