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    Non-woven wallpaper collection Metropolitan Stories - Travel Styles by livingwalls

    Take a trip around the world with the Metropolitan Stories - Travel Styles collection by livingwalls. The non-woven wallpapers are inspired by the metropolises of Bali, Miami, Dubai, Vienna and Stockholm and present the style and lifestyle from faraway countries. Discover wallpapers with tropical motifs, graphic patterns or in Skandi style now in our shop!

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    Make the world your home

    Discover the tropical jungle of Bali, the waves of sunny Miami, the casual chic of the urbanity of Dubai, the naturalness of friendly Stockholm or the magnificent ornaments of Vienna and bring the extraordinary interior styles of these metropolises to your home. The non-woven wallpapers impress with metallic effects in gold and silver, tangible structures and a wide colour spectrum. This collection also includes photo wallpapers that show a design on just one roll, which you can wallpaper next to each other as often as you like to fill an entire wall. The plain wallpapers are also convincing in colour-coordinated concrete looks or textile structures. Let yourself be inspired and go on a journey with the non-woven wallpapers from the Metropolitan Stories - Travle Styles collection by livingwalls.