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    Pop Style collection

    The wallpaper collection Pop Style by AS Création creates stylish living spaces and impresses with a variety of graphic & geometric as well as plain designs. In addition, most wallpapers are kept in muted colours, but also skilfully bring colour into play and thus on the wall.

    The remaining wallpapers in the collection are presented in various Art Deco designs. These express themselves with distinctive ornaments and lush motifs. In addition, the preference for luxurious materials of this style is also reflected in the wallpapers, with bronze and metallic tones being found on the wallpapers. You will also feel the opulence of the Art Deco era on the surface, as most of the wallpapers were produced with an embossed structure. The other patterns are more discreet with a slightly structured surface. Of course, there is no lack of glitter in such a modern collection and so some designs with glittering elements can convince.

    In addition, all wallpapers are new and in their original packaging, a German branded product as well as FSC-certified and with the RAL quality mark & CE mark. All wallpapers are still highly resistant to washing, good light-fast and can be completely dry-removed and thus allow easy handling and you can wallpaper your new favourite wallpaper in no time.

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