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    Discover the magic: AS Creation Maison Charme - Timeless non-woven wallpapers for your home

    Immerse yourself in a world of elegance and timeless charm with the Maison Charme non-woven wallpaper collection from AS Creation. With us, you'll find more than just wallpaper; you'll discover a piece of lifestyle that transforms every room into an oasis of well-being. Our selection of Maison Charme non-woven wallpapers from AS Creation combines tradition and modern aesthetics to give your home an unrivalled character. With a palette of colours ranging from soft cream to vibrant sky blue, our wallpapers offer a variety to suit every taste. Discover the variety of the Maison Charme collection now and give your home a unique charm!

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    The excellence of AS Creation: Maison Charme wallpapers and more 

    For decades, A.S. Creation has stood for high-quality wallpapers that set accents in every home. As one of the leading wallpaper manufacturers in Western Europe, AS Creation is characterised by innovation, quality awareness and an exceptional sense of style. The Maison Charme collection is the result of years of experience and passion for design, giving each roll a special touch that tells stories and transforms spaces. Take the first step into a world of elegance with our AS Creation Maison Charme wallpapers!

    The everlasting beauty of the Maison Charme collection

    The Maison Charme collection from AS Creation stands for romantic timelessness and elegant design. With a tribute to the past and a look to the future, these wallpapers bring the charm of days gone by into the modern age. The collection is characterised by delicate floral patterns, fine stripes and playful dots that harmonise perfectly with each other. The designs are in soft pastel shades that lend every room a calming and inviting atmosphere. Whether for the urban flat or the rural cottage, the Maison Charme wallpapers from AS Creation provide a touch of country air and cosiness everywhere. Transform your home into an oasis of calm with the Maison Charme collection!

    Wallpaper features that impress

    The non-woven wallpaper in the Maison Charme collection effortlessly combines style and functionality. The wall-bonding technique of non-woven wallpaper allows you to apply the wallpaper without creases or bubbles. What's more, each wallpaper is designed to be combined with other patterns in the collection to create a unique and harmonious overall look. Our Maison Charme non-woven wallpapers from AS Creation offer visual appeal. Many styles are also characterised by practical benefits that make wallpapering a breeze, such as:

    • Abrasion resistance for longevity and easy care,
    • good light resistance to preserve the brilliance of the colours,
    • easy to apply thanks to the paste-the-wall technique,
    • completely dry removable for uncomplicated changing and
    • flame retardant for a safe home.

    With these properties, the wallpapers are both beautiful and functional. Discover the benefits of our Maison Charme collection now!

    Why order AS Creation Maison Charme conveniently at Fancyhometrends?

    Be inspired by the Maison Charme collection and create rooms that tell stories and invite you to linger. With the support of our team and helpful advice, you will find wallpapers from a wide range of first-class brands that will transform your home into an oasis of well-being. At Fancyhometrends, we understand that choosing the right wallpaper can be a decision for life. That's why we offer:

    Discover the Maison Charme collection from AS Creation at Fancyhometrends and let your home shine in new splendour!