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    Asian Fusion - Non-woven wallpapers from A. S. Création with Far Eastern designs

    - Motifs from Asian flora and fauna that invite you to relax - 

    Harmony and relaxation - these are the key words when it deals to Asian interior design, because what is more important than a calming ambience when you come home from a stressful working life.With its non-woven wallpaper collection "Asian Fusion", the wallpaper manufacturer A.S. Création aims precisely at creating a small zen garden with floral, animal and graphic motifs from your home.Famous Asian animals such as the koi and crane stand for strength, endurance and happiness and are a real eye-catcher as wallpaper motifs. Together with flowery accents such as white cherry blossoms or asian clover they form a small section of the flora and fauna of Asia.Typical Asian graphic grid patterns, mosaics or patterns of circles and dots with glitter accents fit perfectly with the floral ornaments and the plain wallpapers.As highlights, the collection includes photo wallpapers that will make every Asia fan melt away. Best you click through the collection and have a look at the wallpapers. The most difficult part is to decide which wallpapers you like best. But fortunately we have a sample service for that.