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Carpet Tiles / 45 Items
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Carpet tiles self-lying for an individual modern floor design

Carpet tiles are a beautiful alternative to all-over carpets. The carpet tile offers maximum flexibility with highest comfort. Because of these characteristics, the functional carpet plate is used increasingly for industrial and private use. Countless design possibilities offer the advantage for combining colour and pattern variations to create an individual carpet area. The carpet tiles are especially hard-wearing because of their robust material characteristics. Because of this, the floor covering can be used in rooms that are used excessively. The carpet tiles combine the many benefits of a carpet and a functional module system. The 50x50 cm / 19.7x19.7'' large carpet tiles and rectangular carpet planks with a size of 100x25 cm / 39.4x9.8'' are self-lying and can be processed on the interior carpet without additional clogging. The carpet tiles can be replaced separately and will not leave any residuals on the floor. In addition, the carpet tiles are sound absorbing and can be used in rooms with floor heating.