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    The wow factor with flexible carpet tiles 

    Do you want a carpet that is perfectly tailored to your space and offers maximum flexibility? Then carpet tiles from Fancyhometrends are just the thing for you. Our carpet tiles are more than just a floor covering. They are hard-wearing, easy to lay and available in a variety of colours and materials such as needle felt or polyamide. This makes them ideal not only for living spaces, but also for the contract sector. Immerse yourself in the world of carpet tiles and discover the benefits of these versatile tiles for yourself. 

    Browse our shop now and find the perfect carpet tiles for your rooms! 

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    Which subfloor is suitable for carpet tiles?

    In the search for your perfect carpet tile, the question arises as to the conditions of your subfloor. Basically, carpet tiles are flexible and can be laid on almost any surface. Whether: 

    • Concrete, 
    • screed or 
    • an existing carpet, 

    with carpet tiles from Fancyhometrends, you can transform any room into an oasis of well-being. Special features can occur depending on the carpet tile: For example, self-adhesive carpet tiles hardly adhere to coated surfaces. They do not adhere well to laminate or PVC. 

    Discover the variety and flexibility of carpet tiles for your projects! 

    How do I attach the carpet tiles? 

    Our carpet tiles are very easy to install. Thanks to their clever design, they can simply be placed on the floor and easily removed again if necessary. Depending on the model and manufacturer, there are different ways to attach the tiles. Some tiles are self-adhesive and can therefore be laid easily. Other models are self-adhesive and can be glued to the substrate. The ease of installation makes the tiles ideal for commercial areas. Do you have any questions? Contact us via our contact form

    Experience how easy it is to design your floor with our carpet tiles! 

    What are the benefits of carpet tiles? 

    Carpet tiles are the perfect solution for anyone looking for a flexible yet stylish floor covering. They offer maximum convenience in terms of maintenance and installation, especially for contract areas. They are: 

    • hard-wearing
    • easy to care for and 
    • offer a variety of design options

    With carpet tiles, you can personalise your rooms and reinvent them again and again. Carpet tiles are particularly useful in commercial areas, as they dampen noise in large rooms and can be easily replaced if stains occur. 

    See the benefits of our carpet tiles for yourself now! 

    How big are carpet tiles? 

    Our carpet tiles are available in different sizes to suit your space perfectly. You can choose from 50 x 50 cm to 100 x 25 cm tiles to perfectly furnish your room. Our tip: When designing your rooms, you can play around with different sized tiles and colours to create unique floors

    Buy the perfect size of carpet tiles for your room now! 

    Maximum flexibility in your interior design with carpet tiles 

    Large and cumbersome carpets are a thing of the past - discover maximum flexibility with carpet tiles. This is because you can often lay them easily and without gluing and replace them quickly and cleanly if necessary. You can choose from various designs in addition to the classic carpet, including: 

    • Concrete look or 
    • wood look and 
    • many other colours

    Be inspired by our range of floor coverings and find the perfect carpet tiles for your room. We also offer great artificial grass carpets for exhibition areas, balconies or terraces. Want to redesign your home? Browse our range too: 

    Get started now with the carpet tiles and get the wow factor!