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    Artificial grass carpets for your green paradise 

    Imagine stepping onto your patio and it feels like you're walking on a freshly mown lawn. It's not just any lawn - it's your perfect artificial grass from Fancyhometrends. Our wide range of artificial grass and grass carpets are ideal for the garden or your balcony. With several models to choose from, you can be sure that we have the perfect surface for your outdoor areas as well as indoor spaces. Our artificial grass is made to look deceptively similar to natural grass fibres made from polypropylene or needle felt. 

    Immerse yourself in the world of artificial turf - a green luxury that's affordable! 

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    What surface do I need for artificial turf?

    Before you cosy up to your new artificial turf, let's talk about the ideal surface. Regardless of whether: 

    • Garden, 
    • interiors, 
    • exhibition areas, 
    • terrace or 
    • balcony, 

    Your artificial turf is best laid on a firm and level surface. With the right preparation, almost any floor covering can be transformed into a green oasis

    Find out now about your next artificial grass carpet for great moments! 

    How long does artificial turf last? 

    Our grass carpets score points with, among other things: 

    • a visual enrichment,  
    • extreme robustness and  
    • longevity

    With the right care and handling, your artificial turf can last for many years. And the best thing about it? The carpets are very easy to maintain. Our artificial turf is the ideal floor covering for anyone who wants to work less and enjoy more. 

    See the durability of our artificial turf for yourself now! 

    Can I leave artificial turf out in winter? 

    You can leave your artificial turf down at any time of year, even in winter. Our grass carpets are designed to retain their lustre all year round - regardless of sun, rain or snow. So you can enjoy the feeling of green grass under your feet even in winter. You can also lay all our artificial grass carpets in indoor areas such as the children's room, conservatory or other desired locations to enjoy the green of summer all year round. Also discover our great carpet tiles for easy installation and different looks, including wood or concrete looks. 

    Order now and turn your outdoor space into a year-round experience! 

    How do I maintain an artificial lawn? 

    We know you'll love your artificial turf. That's why we want to give you some simple maintenancetips to ensure the longevity of your green carpet. A little sweeping every now and then to remove leaves and dirt is usually enough. Our artificial turfs are low-maintenance and make it easy for you to keep your artificial turf surface fresh and inviting at all times. 

    Start enjoying a low-maintenance garden now with your new artificial grass carpet! 

    Fancyhometrends - your partner for artificial turf and lawn carpets 

    At Fancyhometrends, we attach great importance to: 

    • Expert knowledge
    • quality and 
    • value for money.  

    Our affordable range of artificial turf and grass carpets makes your wishes come true. We offer secure payment methods and are always available to answer your questions via our contact form. Turn your garden or balcony into a place of well-being and luxury - at an affordable price. 

    Be inspired by our range and find the perfect artificial turf for your outdoor space!