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    Walls by Patel Mural Wallpapers by AS Creation

    Create striking interior designs with mural wallpapers Walls By Patel with various designs and colours. You may choose between photo wallpapers with large floral prints, baroque wallpapers, digital prints with graphic designs or unique animal designs. It is a given that you will create a fantastic eye-catcher with any of these photo wallpapers. Some creations are more subtle in colouration and design while others impress with large motifs or bright colours. The styles in this mural wallpaper collection are as divers as interior designs in general so there is no doubt that you will find the perfect fit for your home decoration. Explore rhino wallpapers, tropical bird wallpapers, whale wallpapers, butterfly wallpapers, fish wallpapers or wolf wallpapers, deer wallpapers and wallpapers with cows. While some designs are clearly exaggerating in colouration or illustration, others seem to be perfect replicas of real animals or landscapes. Find your favourite wallpaper in this digital print collection.