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    More cleanliness with the HOMEFACTO:RI mats  

    Say "hello" to the HOMEFACTO:RI mats and "goodbye" to dirt and moisture. In our range at Fancyhometrends, you will find a wide selection of non-slip dirt-trapping mats that will help you keep your entrance and outdoor areas clean. Each mat is a real doormat - they are hard-wearing, durable and available in a range of attractive colours to suit any interior. With mats from HOMEFACTO:RI, dirt stays outside where it belongs. See the doormats for yourself and discover great designs. 

    Browse our range of HOMEFACTO:RI doormats and dust control mats now! 

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    Why a doormat from HOMEFACTO:RI?

    HOMEFACTO:RI stands for high quality that you can see and feel. All doormats from this brand are made of hard-wearing material that can easily withstand the challenges of everyday life. But that's not all: our HOMEFACTO:RI doormats are real dirt eaters. They pick up dirt right at the doorstep and keep the rest of the living area clean. Not to mention their high absorbency, which reliably absorbs moisture and thus prevents slipping accidents. 

    And the best thing? They also look stylish. With their wide range of colours and designs, they match any interior style. Made from hard-wearing rubber, they can withstand the toughest outdoor weather conditions. You'll wonder how you ever managed without them.  

    Let the quality and design of the HOMEFACTO:RI dust control mats convince you now and order your new favourite mat! 

    The bestsellers from HOMEFACTO:RI at Fancyhometrends

    The doormats from HOMEFACTO:RI are real bestsellers. Whether for the entrance area or as a stylish hallway runner, our customers love the variety and quality of these clean-off mats. The carpet is not only excellent at absorbing dirt and moisture, but is also incredibly easy to clean. Brighten up your entrance area with our colourful runners from HOMEFACTO:RI. 

    Take a look at our bestsellers now and find your new dust control mat! 

    How do I clean a doormat? 

    Cleaning a HOMEFACTO:RI doormat is super easy. All you have to do is shake or vacuum it to remove most of the dirt. For more stubborn stains, we recommend treating the mat with a mild detergent and then laying it out to dry. This will keep your doormat fresh and inviting for a long time. Some models are also washable. Take a look at the product description of your favourite product to find out more. Get more tips from our experts via our contact form

    Buy your doormat from HOMEFACTO:RI in great colours! 

    HOMEFACTO:RI doormats and other great dust control mats in various colours 

    The doormats from HOMEFACTO:RI offer you a simple and stylish solution for keeping dirt and moisture at bay. At Fancyhometrends you will find an affordable range and benefit from secure payment methods. Browse through our shop and discover the variety of mats we have to offer. In addition to HOMEFACTO:RI, we also offer other: 

    from other brands. You'll find great mats with different designs here. 

    Order your new doormat and other doormats from HOMEFACTO:RI today!