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Dirt Barrier Mats 24 Items
Dirt Barrier Mats / 24 Items
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Dirt Barrier Mats for hallways and entrance areas

Dirt, dust and moisture do not belong in the house. But how do you best make sure that unloved dust and dirt stay outside the front door? Preferably with a dirt-trapping mat! These versatile carpets are truly multi-talented, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Some of them are even suitable for underfloor heating. The dirt-trapping mats are also washable and thus provide a hygienic solution.

Especially for pets such as dogs or cats, a dirt-trapping mat is indispensable. In the hallway, in the living room, in the kitchen or in the office, even on balconies and terraces, the reliable mats not only ensure a clean apartment, but can also be a real eye-catcher. Dirt trap mats colourful and dirt trap mats with motifs and patterns embellish your home, as well as those in plain colours: dark green, dark blue, beige, brown, wine red, grey and many more.

With a non-slip vinyl coating on the underside and a hard-wearing polyamide top surface, it reliably absorbs dirt carried along with it. In addition, the dirt-trapping mats are non-slip, protect against damage and the fibres are easy to clean.

In our shop you will find the practical door mats in different colours and different sizes - thin, flat or thick and wide, we offer the mud mats cheaply and in versatile designs. If you don't find the right dirt trap mat, we also have numerous made-to-measure dirt trap mats in our range, which can be cut to the desired length.