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    Clean and stylish entrances with dust control mats 

    Are you looking for a practical solution for all the dirt on your shoes, but also want it to look good? Dive into our colourful and practical world of dust control mats. At Fancyhometrends, you'll find a diverse selection of doormats and dirt-trapping runners to enhance any entrance area. Whether washable, rubberised or in your favourite colour - we have the perfect mat for you. Discover our range now and give your home that certain something. For a clean home, without compromise. 

    Browse for great dust control mats to suit your home! 

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    How high are dust control mats?

    Whether for indoor or outdoor use, we offer dust control mats in various sizes and heights. From flat, space-saving models for indoor use to robust, highermats for outdoor use - we have something for everyone. Our dust control mats are: 

    • a real eye-catcher and 
    • do a great job of collecting dirt and moisture. 

    Our clean-off mats keep your indoor area clean and fresh. Forget unsightly shoeprints and dirt - with our mats, dirt stays where it belongs: outside. Our range also includes rugs that will become the centrepiece of your entrance area thanks to their special texture and attractive design. They are not only beautiful to look at, but also effectively trap moisture and dirt to protect your floor. 

    Take a look at our selection of dust control mats now and find the right height and size for your needs! 

    Can I wash the dust control mats? 

    Dirt-trapping mats should look good and still be practical. Our dust control mats are easy to clean. Our dust control mats are: 

    • extremely effective, 
    • available in many great colours and 
    • also washable. 

    For most of our products, a simple machine wash is enough to make them look like new again. Some of our mats are even reinforced with rubber to guarantee even more grip and durability

    Get one of our washable dust control mats now and put an end to dirt! 

    How often do I clean my doormat? 

    Our clean-off mats are designed to do their job even with frequent use. We recommend that you clean the mats regularly depending on use and degree of soiling. This will ensure optimum longevity and a clean home at all times. With high foot traffic or in a household with pets, it may be necessary to clean the mat more often. However, make sure you always follow the manufacturer's instructions to keep your mat in top condition. Whether you're a dirt-trapping runner lover or more of a doormat fan, you're always on the safe side with our mats. 

    Choose the right dust control mat now and experience how easy cleanliness can be! 

    Dirt-trapping mats from Fancyhometrends - your key to a clean home 

    At Fancyhometrends you will find a huge selection of affordable items and we also guarantee the best quality. Each of our mats is carefully selected and tested to meet your needs. Our customers love the variety we offer - from simple kitchen rugs to ornate doormats that turn any floor into a work of art. Our friendly customer service team is always ready to help you choose the right mat and answer any questions you may have. 

    Buy quality floor mats and other great items at Fancyhometrends and transform your home into a cosy place!