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Wallpaper Border Kids Frog colourful self-adhesive 9037-16

The wallpaper border collection "Only Borders" combines the finest wallpaper borders by AS Creation in one series. The wallpaper border 9037-16 sets with its frog and snail motif in colourful impressive accents on your wall. In particular, plain wall designs can be highlighted by this wallpaper border. Furthermore, this wallpaper border is self adhesive and can be easily fixed on walls. In addition, the product is washable and has a good lightfastness.

  • Style: frog and snail motif
  • Colour: colourful
  • Wallpaper surface: plain
  • Material: vinyl
  • Roll dimension: about 5,00 m x 0,10 m / 5.5 yd x 4"
  • Design match: free match
  • Characteristics: self-adhesive wallpaper border, washable, good lightfastness
  • Distinctions: new and original packaging, German brand product, certified by

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