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    Rasch non-woven wallpaper collection Mandalay

    - Flowering, animalistic wallpapers with luxury factor -

    Brand wallpaper manufacturer Rasch was inspired by the Asian continent for this collection. Like the formerly royal capital Mandalay, the non-woven wallpapers of the collection are luxurious and strikingly unusual.

    The designs reflect the multi-faceted nature of Asia: Here you will find flowering palm leaf designs with proud Strelitzia flowers - which aren't called "Birds of Paradise" for nothing - but also monochrome floral designs that create iridescent shadow effects through their unique surface structure. Relax between water-coloured bamboo or celebrate next to imposing trowel plaster pattern.

    Another theme of the collection are the realistic embossed decors. The wood designs not only look convincingly real, they also feel absolutely real, thanks to their realistic embossed structure. Equally unique are the stylish crocodile skin designs, which want to transform every room into a palace with their superfine metallic effects.

    And the combination wallpapers are also far from ordinary: you can choose between hypnotic mottled horizontal stripes and elegant textile strips designs full of depth.

    The colour choice is up to you, the collection has something for everyone!The Mandalay collection is adorned with restrained cream white with delicate gloss effects that spread light, relaxation and glamor or natural wood tones with sparkling gloss effects. But most fascinating are their sensational colour combinations of green and orange with blue accents or warming brown with blue and red accents, or bright turquoise pierced with vibrant red.

    The collection Mandalay is made for people who want to have more than just a wallpaper on their walls, without overloading the room look. So that it stays cozy and still inspires dreams.

    Be convinced by the room pictures and detailed views of the special gloss effects in the articles. There you will also find all the details of the great quality of non-woven wallpaper.

    Do not hesitate and blossom now - with the non-woven wallpapers of the Mandalay collection by Rasch.