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African Queen non-woven African Wallpaper 423204 coat white metallic
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African Queen non-woven African Wallpaper 423204 coat white metallic

  • Item number: 423204
  • Manufacturer: Rasch
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African Queen 2014

The archaic collection which reinterprets animal furs and skins. It mixes safari with glamour, archaism with exoticism, nobility with luxury. Metal effects and matt aesthetics create unique surfaces which are so beautiful they make you want to touch them. The giraffe, the stingray, and the king of the animals, the lion, were sources of inspiration for the design. Here, the adventure of the wilderness is tamed, but not falsified, through elegance. Elements from the world of fashion are referenced and translated into the language of interior design.

[references: Rasch]

  • living world: living room, bedroom, entrance hall, kitchen, bar
  • material: non-woven
  • high quality – made in Germany, highly wash resistant
  • dry strippable, good lightfastness, wall pasting
  • Style: modern, nature
  • rapport: free match

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