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Marburg non-woven wallpaper 77850 flecked cream white
Marburg non-woven wallpaper 77850 flecked cream white -39%
Marburg non-woven wallpaper 77850 flecked cream white 1

Marburg non-woven wallpaper 77850 flecked cream white

  • Item number: 77850
  • Manufacturer: Marburg
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OPULEN non-woven wallpaper by Marburg | 77850


  • For this extremely finely wrought wall coverings the printing rollers were manufactured in complex manual work in the manner of the old mold engraving, combined with modern high-tech procedures
  • Basis of the particular refinement of high-quality, hot-stamped products are hatchings - counter rotating fine lines that are barely noticeable to the naked eye
  • Depending on the progress of the relief line, the light is refracted differently and the shimmering surface appearance created. Depending on the light and viewing angle effects appear dull with a shimmering luster or dull..
  • Classical style pattern and modern ornamental motifs
  • The perfect collection for established names who want to realign their valuable device with an elegant look and between classic and modern believe in a timeless elegance.


ATTENTION: For this we need high-quality products at a sample shipping charge 5.00 Euro / piece!


  • Made in Germany
  • High quality non-woven wallpaper
  • Good lightfastness - highly wash resistant - dry strippable - past the wall
  • Size: about 10,05 x 0,70 m / 11yd x 27.56''
  • Design match: free match

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