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Wallpaper Fuggerhaus tendril light grey Metallic 4809-21

Inspired by Nature - The wallpapers of the collection Secret Garden by Fuggerhaus represent classic designs which are highlighted by natural elements. The non-woven wallpaper 4809-21 belongs to the theme world "Feria" and impresses with its tendril motif in light grey and grey. The combination of design and colouration leads to an elegant as well as timeless wall decoration for your home. The German brand product is washable, dry strippable and has a good lightfastness.

  • Style: tendril motif
  • Design world: Feria
  • Colour: light grey, grey mit Metallic-Effekt
  • Wallpaper surface: plain
  • Material: non-woven
  • Roll dimension: about 10,05 x 0,53 m / 11yd x 21"
  • Design match: offset match, 32 cm / 12.6"
  • Characteristics: good lightfastness, washable, paste the wall, divisible
  • Distinctions: new and original packaging, certified by FSC , FR Certificate

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