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Non-woven wallpaper 10105-15 loop design in black with metallic effect in gold and silver from the collection Spotlight by Erismann

The Spotlight wallpaper collection proves that the Glamour Style living trend is anything but old-fashioned. In this collection timeless motifs such as classic stripes, ornaments, natural leaf motifs and graphic patterns are interpreted in a modern way. The metallic effects in gold, silver and bronze found in almost all designs underline the precious character of the designs. The combination of shiny effects and timeless colours such as ivory, pearl grey or emerald green skilfully sets any room in scene. The non-woven wallpaper 10105-15 shows a loop design in black with metallic accents in gold and silver.

  • Material: Vinyl on non-woven backing
  • size: 10,05 x 0,53 m
  • Characteristics: 64/32 cm (staggered approach), scrub resistant, good light fastness, non-woven paste to the wall, completely dry removable
  • Characteristics: new and in original packaging, German brand product, FSC-certified, RAL quality mark, flame retardant
  • Colour: black, gold, silver

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