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Wood Stain Protection Glaze 5 litres 7 colours Wilckens
 Wood Stain Protection Glaze 5 litres 7 colours Wilckens

Wood Stain Protection Glaze 5 litres 7 colours Wilckens

  • Item number: Holzschutz_5l_Var
  • Manufacturer: Wilckens Farben GmbH
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Wood Stain Protection Glaze stain 5 litres 7 colours Wilckens

Protect your wood products with Wilckens high-quality wood protection glaze. This wood protection glaze has the tone of pine and a container size of 5 litres. The excellent material properties make the varnish an ideal, weather-resistant / water-repellent protective coating for all hardwood and softwoods in outdoor areas. In addition, the wood protection glaze is easy to apply, does not flake, is breathable and, in combination with Wilcken's wood primer, effectively prevents blue stain and mould growth and also offers long-term protection against UV rays.


Health hazard


Danger warnings
H317 May cause allergic skin reactions.

Safety Instructions:
P101 If medical advice is required, have the packaging or label ready.
P102 Keep out of the reach of children.
P103 Read label before use.
P280 Wear protective gloves and eye/face protection
P501.W1 Dispose of contents/container according to national regulations.

Hazard-determining components for labelling:
Material safety data sheets can be found under Info-Download.

Glaze brushes, wood primer, turpentine substitute as well as wood protection glaze in other colours and container sizes can be found in our shop. Order everything together and save shipping costs!
Intended use:

For wood in outdoor areas, such as wooden houses (summer houses), fences, pergolas, boarding, soffits, balcony railings, etc.

Application technology:
Read the identification label before use!
The substrate must be clean, dry, free of grease and oil and load bearing. Wash off resin-rich and greasy residues with universal thinner. Remove loose coatings. Sand intact old coats. Sand off heavily weathered coats down to the healthy wood. Raw wood and pressure impregnated wood with wood primer depending on absorbency

Pre-treat 1-2 times. Then apply at least 2 coats. For sides exposed to strong weathering, apply 3 coats (min. 180 ml/m²) of wood protection glaze in wood grain direction. In the case of oak wood, 3 coats are urgently required to achieve a closed painted surface. The yield is 12m² per litre (varies depending on the absorbency of the wood).

The drying time is approx. 5h (dust-dry/grip-proof) to approx. 12h (recoatable) - depending on temperature.
Note: Wood surfaces should be inspected regularly and any damage should be repaired immediately. If, for ecological reasons, no wood-protective agents should be used, the use of wood protection primer can be dispensed with. The basic prerequisite is that the constructive (structural) wood protection is guaranteed.

1. painting on new wood, outside
a) Prepare the substrate accordingly
b) 2 to 3 coats of wood varnish

2. paint structure
a) Prepare the substrate accordingly
b) 1 to 2 coats of wood varnish

Clean brushes & tools directly after use with turpentine substitute

  • Wilckens wood protection glaze 7 colours 750ml for outdoor use
  • Characteristics: very good light resistance, do not mix with other products, open-pored and glazed, deeply penetrating, ventilating, emphasizes the wood grain, water-repellent, weather-resistant, moisture-regulating, especially suitable for the protection of all tropical and native wood species, silk-glossy, solvent-containing, use undiluted
  • Read the identification label before use!
  • Observe the danger and safety instructions in the description.

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