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Wilckens Wood Primer Varnishe Lacquer Waterproof 2,5 litre
 Wilckens Wood Primer Varnishe Lacquer Waterproof 2,5 litre
 Wilckens Wood Primer Varnishe Lacquer Waterproof 2,5 litre 1

Wilckens Wood Primer Varnishe Lacquer Waterproof 2,5 litre

  • Item number: 11200100080
  • Manufacturer: Wilckens Farben GmbH
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Wilckens Wood Primer Varnishe Lacquer Waterproof | 2,5 litre

The transparent Wood Primer Varnish Lacquer and Impregnation by Wilckens is a moisture-regulating, solvent-based and highly effective Varnish Lacquer with impregnating characteristics for outdoor use. Highly effective against fungal attack and with deep protection against blueness. Thanks to its high penetration depth, wood impregnation is particularly suitable for the preventive protection of raw or weathered wood - against rot, fungus and algae. The wood primer is colourless and penetrates completely into the wood. Furthermore, it provides an ideal primer for subsequent coats.

Processing advise: Please read the product labeling carefully before you use this product and follow the dangers and safety instructions.

Danger/Caution: Wood preservatives contain biocidal active ingredients to protect wood against animal and/or plant pests. Therefore, please only use according to the instructions for use and only where the protection of the wood is required. Misuse can lead to health and environmental damage. The wood preservative is not to be used on wood that is intended to come into direct contact with food, feed and farm animals. Likewise, do not treat bee houses, greenhouses (inside), sauna facilities (inside) and areas used by bats with it. Do not allow to enter the sewerage system. Do not treat wood for indoor/living areas. Do not eat, drink or smoke while working. Keep away from food, drink and feed. Do not work in open light and open fire. If medical advice is required, have packaging and identification label ready. Keep out of the reach of children. Read the identification label before use. Avoid release into the environment. IF INGESTIONS: Call TOXIC INFORMATION NTER or doctor immediately. DO NOT induce vomiting. Keep under lock and key. Dispose of contents/container in accordance with national regulations. May be fatal if swallowed or inhaled. Harmful to aquatic organisms, with long-term effects.

Safety data sheets can be found under Info-Download.

  • Product type: Wood Primer Varnish Lacquer
  • Colour: transparent
  • Volume: 2,5 litre - 1 litre is sufficient for approx. 7-8 m² (for one coat, depending on the absorbency of the substrate)
  • Application: outdoor
  • Characteristics: solvent-based for outdoor use, blueness protection, fungal attack protection, impregnating

The drying time depends on the substrate (at 20°C, 65% rel. humidity):

  • dust dry / grab dry: approx. 4-5 hours
  • workable dry: approx. 12 hours

Lower temperatures and higher humidity increase the drying time!

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