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Wilckens 2in1 Radiator Paint Lacquer Varnish gloss 750 ml
Wilckens 2in1 Radiator Paint Lacquer Varnish gloss 750 ml
Wilckens 2in1 Radiator Paint Lacquer Varnish gloss 750 ml 1

Wilckens 2in1 Radiator Paint Lacquer Varnish gloss 750 ml

  • Item number: Heizkoerperlack_750ml
  • Manufacturer: Wilckens Farben GmbH
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Wilckens 2in1 Radiator Paint Lacquer Varnish white gloss 750 ml

With the 2 in 1 Radiator Paint Lacquer / Varnish, Wilckens offers a water-dilutable dispersion varnish that allows the primer and top coating at the same time. Due to the fact that the Wilckens paint lacquer contains only a small amount of pollutants and solvents, the paint is odorless. This paint lacquer is suited for all kinds of hot water radiatiors as well as their pipes. In addition, the product convinces with a high paint-coverage.

Notice: There are additional sizes available.

Processing advise: Please read the product labeling carefully before you use this product and follow the dangers and safety instructions. The substrate has to be clean, dry, free from grease and rust-free as well as load-bearing. Loosely astrand parts and non-load bearing old parts must be removed with a stripper. Sticking old paints must be sanded well (wear dust mask). Stir well before use. In most cases, the Wilckens 2in1 lacquer can be used without a primer (however please be aware of the exceptions stated by the manufacturer and follow the manufacturer's instructions!).

On metal (iron, steel):

a) Prime with anti-rust primer 2in1
b) 1 intermediate coat and 1-2 top coats with radiator paint 2in1 undiluted
On copper pipes:
a) Prime with All Primer 3in1
b) 1 intermediate coat and 1-2 top coats with radiator paint 2in1 undiluted

Danger/Caution: Store in a cool, but frost-free place - do not use at temperatures below + 8 °C, do not use at high temperatures (sunlight) - keep out of the reach of children - medical advice is required, have packaging or identification label ready - do not inhale spray and mist - use combination filter A2/P2 for spraying work, use dust filter P2 for grinding work - eat, Avoid drinking and smoking while using the paint - ensure sufficient ventilation during and after application and drying - rinse thoroughly with water immediately in case of contact with eyes or skin - do not allow to enter the sewerage system, water or soil - only give empty containers for recycling, return liquid material residues to the collection point for old paints - the usual protective measures must also be observed when processing low-pollutant paints

Safety data sheets can be found under Info-Download.

  • Product type: 2 in 1 Radiator Paint Lacquer / Varnish
  • Colour: white, glossy
  • Volume: 750 ml / suited for approx. 9 m² (single coating)
  • Coverage: approx. 12 m²/litre, for one coat, depending on the absorbency of the substrate
  • Application: indoor
  • Characteristics: heat resistant up to 120 ° C, priming and varnishing, water- dilutable / environmentally friendly, block-tight, very good lightfastness, yellowing resistant, easy to process odourless, low-pollutant
  • Distinctions: certified by "Der Blaue Engel”

The drying time depends on the substrate (at 20°C, 65% rel. humidity):

  • dust dry/grab dry: approx. 2 hours
  • workable dry: approx. 8 hours

Lower temperatures and higher humidity increase the drying time! Start the radiator after a drying period of 3 days. 

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