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    Panel Curtains & Sliding Curtains - Convenient Decoration

    Panel curtains & sliding curtains are the perfect solution for any problem. Whether used as a normal window solution, to conceal or hide windows, as room dividers or as a solution for open shelves - panel curtains & sliding curtains are true all-rounders and versatile. In addition, they are suitable as a privacy protection solution for almost every room - living room, bedroom, children's room, dining room or study room. Especially for floor deep or very high windows panel curtains & sliding curtains are suitable and offer enough protection of invasion of privacy from curious looks from outside.

    A distinction is made between transparent, semi-transparent and opaque curtains and these can be combined to create interesting effects. Nevertheless, some things should be considered: a harmonious choice of colours as well as patterns to combine curtains with single-coloured curtains.

    Due to their easy installation, the curtains can be changed as often as you like and according to the season.

    Here at fancyhometrends you will find a large selection of panel curtains & sliding curtains at reasonable prices!