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non-woven wallpaper Marburg 54635 stripes beige

non-woven wallpaper Marburg 54635 stripes beige

  • Item number: 54635
  • Manufacturer: Marburg
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The HOME STORY Collection is designed for those who want to create their own four walls as a retreat from the hectic everyday life.

     The collection includes three main topics: the classic damask motif, a graphical floraldessin and a massively enlarged cell structure.
     The warm, matte colours can create a cozy atmosphere: off-white tones, delicate anthracite tones, dull beige, iridescent, turquoise tired, a yellowish green and a covered purple.
     Outstanding colour is a muted garnet, combined with a warm copper.

[Source: Marburg Wallcoverings]

  • living worlds: living room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway
  • material: non-woven
  • euro-scroll: 10,05 x 0,53 m or 11 yd x 21''
  • good lightfastness - high washable - wall pasting - dry strippable
  • design match: free match

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