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Wallpaper Rasch Just me! wallpaper 266818 plain silver
Wallpaper Rasch Just me! wallpaper 266818 plain silver -42%
Wallpaper Rasch Just me! wallpaper 266818 plain silver 1

Wallpaper Rasch Just me! wallpaper 266818 plain silver

  • Item number: 266818
  • Manufacturer: Rasch
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Just me! 2014

The new paper collection from rasch.

A world of my own which is also open to others. Life is too short to miss out on a smile. And the best, quickest, and lowest-cost recipe for easy living€ is the new Just me€ collection from rasch. A cheery atmosphere which emanates from the walls, and colours and shapes which happily bring spaces together and winkingly allude to the fact that even in small rooms, life can be lived on a grand scale. Strong colours and designs with geometrically repeating colours and shapes are used to self-confident effect, inspiring the mind and the spirit. Pastel tones are also used with daring, giving the op art motto of interior decoration, not museum exhibit€ a whole new interpretation on the wall. Each pattern in this collection creates a totally personal touch thanks to implied movement sequences, visual illusion effects, and certain colour combinations such as red-pink-orange or black and yellow. After the black-and-white Eighties and smoothly designed Nineties, it is not just items of classic furniture from the era of curves and plastic which are now once again the dernier cri. Giant patterns and bright colour combinations recreate the cheerfulness of the hippy era in the here and now. However, this is by no means about imitating the Sixties, but instead about a new self-concept of individuality. Here, new patterns to suit your individual taste can become part of your walls and your life with panache and ease. This paper collection makes it easy for anyone to put their decorative instincts into action: Colour by itself is nothing€, says the Dutch colour designer Hans Ultee. One must first do something with it.€ And this collection does something with it: on paper, cheerfully and without any escapades. And of course each pattern is joined by strong solid-colour papers and modern, broad stripes. Easy Living€ made simple for all. Just me - something for everyone!

[references: Rasch]

  • High quality – made in Germay
  • Material: Paper
  • Good lightfastness
  • washable
  • Design match: free match

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