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[Bundle] Wallpaper Remover Set Spike Roller Scraper Paste Brush
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[Bundle] Wallpaper Remover Set Spike Roller Scraper Paste Brush

  • Item number: Entferner-Set
  • Manufacturer: Color Expert
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Wallpaper Remover Set Spike Roller Scraper Paste Brush

The wallpaper spike roller can be used to perforate wallpapers that are fixed on walls. The 15 cm sized roller is equipped with robust nails and a telescopic arm which is extendable up to 96 cm. Because of that, the perforation roller also deals with those places that are difficult to reach. The product is made of high quality aluminium which guarantees a high working comfort level. The shaft is coated with plastics which ensures an excellent grip.

The scraper knives set consists of a 40 mm and 60 mm sized scraper knives. The metal blades are flexible and suitable for an excellent filling and can be used to strip off wallpapers. The shaft is characterised by an ergonomic shape which ensures an excellent grip.

This wallpaper paste brush is qualified for professional wallpaper and painting projects. This brush convinces with its high quality as well as 170x70 mm solid body. The bristle is made of synthetic material that is hard wearing and soft at the same time. The plastic-coated shaft ensures an excellent grip. The shaft also has an integrated bracket and hanging hole which can be used to storage the brush easily.

The liquid wallpaper remover is the perfect support for your renovation work. The German brand product is available in 1 liter. Due to its excellent material characteristics it is perfectly suited for removing old wallpapers. Furthermore, the product is highly concentrated and fast unclamping.

This wallpaper remover set contains:

  • 1x Spike Roller
  • 2x Scraper Knives (1x 40mm Scraper Knife), (1x 60mm Scraper Knife)
  • 1x Wallpaper Paste Brush
  • 1x Liquid Wallpaper Remover (1 liter Bottle)

Notice: The components of this set should be stored in a safe place and out of the reach of children. Take all necessary safety-related measures to ensure a safe use. 

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