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Wallpaper Paste + Paste Roller Set 1 kg Non-Woven
Wallpaper Paste + Paste Roller Set 1 kg Non-Woven
Wallpaper Paste + Paste Roller Set 1 kg Non-Woven 1

Wallpaper Paste + Paste Roller Set 1 kg Non-Woven

  • Item number: Kleister-Set
  • Manufacturer: Color Expert
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Paste set for non-woven wallpapers - 5 x 200 g non-woven paste + paste roller

With the paste set for wallpapers with non-woven backing, you are perfectly equipped to wallpaper an area of up to 100 m². The set consists of a total of 1 kg of roller paste (5 x 200 g) for mixing and a paste roller with which you can apply the non-woven paste evenly to the wall.

Roll paste for non-woven wallpapers

The paste for wallpapers with non-woven backing can be mixed without lumps and is ready for use in just 3 minutes. The non-woven paste is particularly easy to work with, has a high yield and is characterised by its high adhesive strength. The wallpaper paste is applied directly to the wall and allows the wallpaper strips to slide easily on the wall. This makes it possible to achieve a particularly clean wallpapering result.
Instructions for use: Please follow the manufacturer's individual instructions for use. The roll paste can be applied directly to the wall. Paste the wall evenly and in lanes. After pasting, lay the lanes of wallpaper that have already been cut to size in the bed of paste on the wall without allowing them to soak. Then you can move the non-woven wallpaper to the correct position and press it on bubble-free with a wallpaper roller.

Mixing ratio:

  • 200 g roller paste in approx. 5 litres of water = approx. 20 m² (approx. 3-4 Euro rolls of non-woven wallpaper).
  • For heavy wallpapers, the amount of water to be added and the area that can be wallpapered is reduced.

Paste Roller

The 18 cm wide paste roll is absorbent and suitable for spreading paste on smooth and slightly textured walls. The polyester cover absorbs a large amount of paste and distributes it evenly on the wall. The 8 mm thick metal handle provides sufficient stability. The plastic handle makes the paste roller comfortable to hold and makes it easy to work with.

  • Paste set - 1 kg roller paste for non-woven wallpapers from EuroTrends + 1 x paste roller
  • Easy to use - mix paste in water, ready to use in 3 minutes, apply paste with the roller evenly and in sections on the wall, place the already cut wallpaper strip in the paste bed on the wall, push into the correct position and press on
  • High yield - Sufficient for an area of up to 100 m² (approx. 15-20 Eurorolls of non-woven wallpaper) when 200 g are mixed with 5 litres of water 5 x
  • Paste roll - approx. 8 mm handle, 18 cm roll width, 47 mm roll diameter
  • Roll paste - 5 x 200 g non-woven paste, with a mixing ratio of 200 g paste to 5 litres of water an area of approx. 20 m² can be wallpapered