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T-REX Waterproof Tape transparent 50mmx1.5m
T-REX Waterproof Tape transparent 50mmx1.5m
T-REX Waterproof Tape transparent 50mmx1.5m 1

T-REX Waterproof Tape transparent 50mmx1.5m

  • Item number: 827-10
  • Manufacturer: T-REX
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Transparent Waterproof Tape for repairs on pools, pipes etc. from T-Rex 50mm x 1.5m

The transparent T-Rex Waterproof Tape is an extremely flexible and at the same time strongly adhesive adhesive tape and is excellent suitable for repairs on wet surfaces. Since the tape is waterproof, it can be used for temporary repairs to pools, pipes, tarpaulins or in the bathroom. In addition to its waterproof properties, the tape is also UV-resistant and temperature-resistant. It can withstand extreme temperatures from -55 °C to +90 °C. In addition, thanks to R-Flex technology, it can be stretched to up to 700% of its original length.

  • Product type: Waterproof adhesive tape
  • Area of ​​application: wet surfaces indoors and outdoors
  • Size: approx. 50 mm x 1.5 m (W x L)
  • Features: extra strong hold, flexible, waterproof, stretchy, sticks even under water, UV-resistant, extremely temperature-resistant from temperatures between -55°C and +90°C
  • Special features: new and in original packaging, brand quality

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