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Liquid Wallpaper Remover 1 litres Wallpaper Solvent Wilckens
Wallpaper Remover 1 Liter Wallpaper Solvent Wilckens 1

Liquid Wallpaper Remover 1 litres Wallpaper Solvent Wilckens

  • Item number: 16600500060
  • Manufacturer: Color Expert
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Liquid Wallpaper Remover 1 litres Wallpaper Solvent Wilckens

The Wilckens' liquid wallpaper remover is the perfect support for your renovation work. The German brand product is available in 1 litre bottle. Due to its excellent material characteristics it is perfectly suited for removing old wallpapers. Furthermore, the product is highly concentrated and fast unclamping.

  • Colour: /
  • Size: 1 litres
  • Application: indoor
  • Characteristics: solves fast and easy, high concentrated

Notice: The liquid wallpaper remover should be stored in a safe place and out of the reach of children. Take all necessary safety-related measures to ensure a safe use.